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 1750 Tournament List Building

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1750 Tournament List Building Empty
PostSubject: 1750 Tournament List Building   1750 Tournament List Building I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 16 2016, 14:18

Greetings fellow Archons,

I need your help, I'm the only DE player in my area and need help making ourselves known and feared.

I think its about time I tried to make a name for our kin in my local area. I have a very big and important event coming up soon and would like to aim for at least top half of the table. The event is 1750pts and has some restrictions that I will detail below. Any help in constructing a competitive list would be very much appreciated!

In basic terms the rules say that you may take a CAD/Faction Specific Detachment + and optional formation. No allies, no double CADs. Both must be taken from the same army unless, in our case, we take from harlies. Meaning I could have a DE CAD + Harlie Formation or a Harlie CAD + DE Formation.

More details below.

Tournament Rules::

Now, I have a Corpse Thief Claw ready to go...but other than that its just 2 Venoms, 2/3 Raiders, 10 Wracks, 20 Wyches, 2 Jetfighters, 1 Bomber. I own a lot more but would have to get it painted, shouldn't be too much of a problem.

As the event is strictly WYSIWYG here are some Harlies I have at my disposal too.

Harlies Available:

So what kind of competitive list could I make with this (could get some new stuff ready too) Any feedback would be absolutely great, I really would like to perform decently this time around, so thanks in advance! Really looking forward to any help from fellow Archons.
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1750 Tournament List Building
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