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 Color Scheme

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PostSubject: Color Scheme   Color Scheme I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 09 2016, 08:26

Hello Again Everyone,

As some of you know I recently came into my Dark Eldar army. As of yet, I haven't painted any of them.because I'm really struggling to decide how I want them to look.

Initially, I was leaning toward the Flayed Skill look for the majority of the Army. I want to paint the cults and covens differently.

With the covens I am leaning towned a dark, Frankenstein esk look. Browns, black and flesh tones. I have no idea for the cults, which at this point are really just my reavers.

I know it all comes down to what I like but I was hoping your opinions might sway me one way or the other. I need to get painting!

I apologize for the typos. This was from my phone and my phone hates me
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PostSubject: Re: Color Scheme   Color Scheme I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 11 2016, 02:53

Umm, well the Flayed Skull should be quite easy to pull off, and the red can look quite striking if done correctly.

Thats a good 4 part video on how you can paint them, I find red a very easy color to make look good in a short time as well.
I also like your idea for the flesh and dark themed coverns.

Cults i've no idea either, you could google some wych schemes in google perhaps, or just look around Games Workshop site, and steal colour combos that catch your eye from other army ranges.

The best thing I find about the cults is they have less armor? so you can make their bodysuits a strikingly differernt colour to their plated armor? if done well it can really make the miniatures pop imo.
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Color Scheme
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