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 expanding on the coven side 1850

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expanding on the coven side 1850 Empty
PostSubject: expanding on the coven side 1850   expanding on the coven side 1850 I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 26 2016, 01:40

Hey guys just wanted to throw this in here
I've been using a squad of grots in most of my games and just recently got enough of em to go for the Grotesquerie formation, with DA support
so here goes my 1850:

2x Medusae
3x Sslyth

2x4x Warriors

2x3x Reavers

5x Scourges
4x HWB

3x3 Lance Ravagers

2x3 Grots
stock Raiders

Dark Artisan
Talos/Heatlance/Ichor injector
Haemy/Nightmare doll/Flesh gauntlet

Below average numbers of venoms but i hope the grots with DA/court backup will make up for it.
The court will probably be deep striking and then jumping out of their venom for some flamertime with the T5 average can also be thrown in combat as a speed bump
Im opting for 5 splinters in the kabalites so they will be used as mainly AI at max range but then the hwg can be used in desperate times. Maybe that may also make them less of a target who knows. That single blaster hasnt really been doing it for me and since i only have two kab units the redundancy in blasters would be nil.
Three reavers can hide and fit everywhere. They are just so flexible with HL+caltrops. i used to run 6 with either caltrops or caltrop+hl/blaster but they got targeted way too early and were kind of a big footprint.
Scourges are there to compliment the ravagers that usually need the extra help. Originally i wanted to make a 6 Ravager list but then fell from it since spam list do get boring. Three feels spammy enough but I feel like i have to take three since one or two just wont do anything. They really are our best all rounder ranged AT option
Grots, pack a punch even though just at the minimum 3. Also more chance to get rampage! Raiders just stock with the dissy, mainly to save points but also if he lives then S5AP2 to frak crap up.
Dark Artisan is gonna be my fire magnet, walking up the middle hugging cover or just receiving anything that will be coming. Haemy will be the warlord so that makes them all the more juicy

I have yet to test it out but looking over it, every unit is capable of some AT, either through strength or guns so im hoping the lack of darklight wont be hurting me this time Smile
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expanding on the coven side 1850
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