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 First try 1500 craft world allies

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First try 1500 craft world allies Empty
PostSubject: First try 1500 craft world allies   First try 1500 craft world allies I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 19 2016, 22:23

Hey guys,

I'm just coming back to the game after a long hiatus and looking to pick up my dark eldar again.
Just looking at what i have, i came up with this.

Realspace Raiders
Court of the Archon: Lhamean :10

2xKabalite Warriors:x5warriors, venom x2 splinter cannon: 210
Kabalite Warriors:x10, Raider, Dark lance: 140
Kabalite Warriors:x8, Raider, Dark Lance: 124
(I have a preference for raiders even if venoms are amazing)

Fast Attack:
Reavers: X6, x2 heat lance:116

Heavy support:
3xRavager: 3dark lances: 375

Allied detachment:
HQ: SpiritSeer: 70

2x Dire Avenger: x5, Wave Serpent: shuriken cannon, holofield: 400

Fast attack:
Vyper: shuriken cannon: 50


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First try 1500 craft world allies Empty
PostSubject: Re: First try 1500 craft world allies   First try 1500 craft world allies I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 22 2016, 00:01

Hello fellow elder/dark elder player. Your list had me thinking, and I made an alternate list you might like. Using your models... for the most part, It would require a box of Warp Spiders. But they are arguably the best Aspect warrior, and a Dark Eldars best friend when it comes time to kill gargantuan creatures.

~~Dark Eldar CAD (970pts)

HQ (10pts)


Troops (540pts)

-2xKabalite Warriors
5x Kabalite Warriors, Venoms with Splinter Cannons

-2xKabalite Warriors
10x Kabalite Warriors, Raiders with Nightshields and Splinter Racks  

Heavy Support (420pts)

-3xRavagers with 3xDark Lances and Nightshields

~~Elder Aspect Host Formation (530)

Aspect Host +1BS

-2xDire Avengers Units
4x Dire Avengers, Exarchs with Twin-linked Avenger Shuriken Catapult, Wave Serpents with Holo-fields and Twin-linked Bright Lances

-Warp Spiders
4x Warp Spider, Warp Spider Exarch with Twin-linked Death Spinner

~~1500pts total

Took a lot of upgrades I thought you were missing, splinter racks, and night shields... I think you need that cover save, especially since our guys snap fire having been inside a jinked transport now. Best to avoid jinking, get yourself 25% obscured whenever you can. Splinter racks should be an auto include with 10 warriors in a boat.

But yeah My list does drop the Reavers, Seer, and Vyper. But you get Warp spiders which in turn enables all your elder Units to now hit on 2+ thanks to the Aspect Host. Plus your survivability has moderately improved with all the night shields.

If you don't like the shields I would drop all of them including the Holo-fields, downgrade the Exarchs guns as well. That leaves you with 120pts to experiment with.

PS if you do run with Reavers make sure to take Caltrops.
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First try 1500 craft world allies
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