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 CTC with Heat Lances?

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CTC with Heat Lances? Empty
PostSubject: CTC with Heat Lances?   CTC with Heat Lances? I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 15 2016, 07:09

I don't see it considered very often, but hear me out:

-Only 25 points (5 points per TL lance is points efficient)
-Good anti-tank weapon on a durable platform
-Can also shoot at non-vehicles, AP2 compensates for lack volume a little.
-First turn: Often you want to scout + Run first turn anyway, essentially removes the (probably false) choice of wanting to shoot cannons instead,
- This unit is going to be absorbing firepower and is there for board control. The 36" range on Cannons is nice (granted), but if you are near the middle of the board, something should be in 18" range. If you aren't, you're likely sacrificing board control you shouldn't be.
-Splinter cannons are plentiful elsewhere
- If I am trying to get in combat with a vehicle/transport HL to remove it gives me two bites at the apple (in case I have a chance of failing charge), and often I just want it dead anyway.
- If it is a transport, I get a shot at 2 kills a turn. Particularly tasty against gladius.
- Makes it slightly harder to choke the unit off with sacrificed vehicles.

- 18" vs. 36" shooting effectiveness
-On a turn where charging a toughness value, if I'm trying to get in CC with a unit out of a transport, I often don't want to shoot for fear of increasing charge range. This means the points are wasted.
- If charging a vehicle towards a board position you want to be at, blowing up the vehicle prevents that range gain. (Though, there is always the risk of failing the charge anyway)
- Changes the target priority of the unit as a whole
- Less poison. 5 TL BS 3 vs. 30 TL BS3, variance and volume highly favors more wounds on the cannons.
- Costs points

Context might help here. The rest of my list is a lot of venoms, reavers, and a unit of haywire scourge, no ravagers.

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CTC with Heat Lances? Empty
PostSubject: Re: CTC with Heat Lances?   CTC with Heat Lances? I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 15 2016, 16:12

My experience has been that the Splinter cannon frak's you out of the extra VPs. I actually prefer the Heat Lances or Haywire Blasters.
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CTC with Heat Lances? Empty
PostSubject: Re: CTC with Heat Lances?   CTC with Heat Lances? I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 20 2016, 05:17

On paper I like th 30 TL Splinter shots at 36''. They seem deadly against anything with a T value, including GCs simply because you should roll some wounds. Against FMCs they seem very good as well as overwatch against enemies as well.

I know they will targetting the same things you want to get into CC with, but how many times will you really shoot the Heatlances with the short range?

Would you consider mixing weapons on the Talos? Possibly 3 Heatlances and 2 Cannons or is this an all or nothing kind of thing? Haywire Blasters seem like a trap for 10pts and just useless against non-mech targets. I can see Heatlances, but should you go all or nothing with them? I know the unit would be wasting the Cannons when firing at vehicles, but the extra TL shots at range could prove deciding in the end. Plus, 3 Heatlance shot (if in melta range) is nothing to sneeze at.

I am currently building, modeling, painting my CTC so anyone's experience is welcome to help out as I too am curious about Heatlances vs Cannons.
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CTC with Heat Lances? Empty
PostSubject: Re: CTC with Heat Lances?   CTC with Heat Lances? I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 23 2016, 00:07

I take HL or HWB (I like HL better due to my meta and rolling) I take all 5 HL or HWB

I do not Mix and Match, I feel a unit needs to be good at 1 thing, CTC is already good at killing in Melee AND get VP if they do so, having the Option to kill a tank (Which DE are bad at already) and then melee for VP the unit inside is just WAY to good to pass up.

I have Venoms for long range AI, I dont need more poison.

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CTC with Heat Lances? Empty
PostSubject: Re: CTC with Heat Lances?   CTC with Heat Lances? I_icon_minitime

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CTC with Heat Lances?
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