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 Mandrakes vs. Wyches

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PostSubject: Re: Mandrakes vs. Wyches    Mandrakes vs. Wyches  - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 14 2016, 21:09

@CptMetal wrote:
Why is this heading off topic that fast?

Can a mandrake and a witch unit even be compared properly? They have totally different roles. Anyway, what a mandrake is supposed to do is:
Outflank or infiltrate, annoy units, be cheap, be difficult to remove
I think they are fairly good at those things as long as the enemy isn't coming too close with flamers or ignore cover weapons. But if you take multiple 3 guy units: let him shoot them! The more units you have, the more burn markers you can toss around.

I like them. I even once managed to kill a serpent in close combat with them. Pushed the enemy into a corner so he couldn't escape.
Yes. It's anecdotal. But I like them. I just hate the models. I use spirit hosts or whatever you call them from a vampire courts army.

I was experimenting with a tactic on the DoW PC game against IG. Due to them being infiltrators, you build as many mandrakes as possible to hold objectives in reaches around the map, away from the centre. This opens up for the opponent to attack your buildings. While he is doing this, you stab him in the back with the 'drakes until his force is crippled and his commander lie dead. You will then have a full force of 'drakes to keep pressure with and attack his base. It gives good vision on the field and different ways to attack from.

A similar strategy was utilized in the Skaredcast the other week. A large part of the force was deployed on foot where scourges, mandrakes and talos took the corners of the field. Enemy units then moved offensively to fire at his units. Then the counter-offensive came from the DE force, killing the large chaos units. By the end of the game, DE had a total dominion on the field.

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Mandrakes vs. Wyches
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