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 The Bloodied Hall

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She was the daughter of the prince in a satellite realm. This realm had lost communication with the rest of the Eldar worlds after a warp storm was unleashed upon the realm, unleashing dangerous predatorial creatures on the planet. Some establishments had fallen into depravity, resorting to cannibalism. Some were tainted and corrupted by the forces of chaos. There was one empire that had lasted through many hard winters with noble men and conquerors, doing their work and contributing to the wealth of the nation, learning to fight the predators. The common man of this empire lived a simple life, working in the fields; sowing his fortune. When the time would come, men from all over the province would be called to arms for the glory of hailing to war in the name of the Autarch, to shed blood for him. The autarch put great faith in his soldiers and his court.

Each day, ceremonies would be held and guests would arrive to meet the autarch's minions and a chance for a glance at his face. There was a constant feast in his hall, assembling the foremost servants of his empire. To gaze upon his face was an act associated with death and disgrace for when the emperor entered the hall, all except his most dutiful fellow men would bow down in fear. With him he brought the two strongest men of he could find. They bore halberds and were willing to kill as the emperor wished. The emperor was a mysterious man. He would spend his days, sitting in his tower, contemplaining the constant strides abd whims of armies and rulers he would enact with. A master tactician. The son of the emperor's name was Bariel. He was a strict, dutiful, having spent his teenage life and young adultery in the library of the castle, in years of silence. His mind had mastered thousands of books. Armies had stood against him but by the strand of time been forced to succumb to his tactics in war. He made the emperor proud.


Her name was Zmeralda, the daughter of a warlord and self-proclaimed rightful heir to the empire of the Autarch. She was a strong-willed, hungry and cunning individual. The life at the castle was a boredom to her. She wanted action. Excitement. Chaos. So she decided to poison her both brothers one day during a court for a chance at becoming the heir. This became a tremendous act of heresy. At the sudden death of the two brothers, some people looked up from their embowment. The emperor saw disorder and the threat of chaos in his hall. He required stillness. He ordered in his finest soldiers to slay every person in the room except those that had caught his face. The onslaught went about for four days. Every person calmly waited in a kneeling position until the halberd fell on their neck. The hall was now drenched in blood. The remnants of the congregation were called to wade through the bloodbath to the head of the hall. They were interrogated, tortured and humiliated. They were subjugated to horrible acts. Every one tried to come up with a reasonable tale. However, the emperor knew they were all lying. So next were his closer servents. And then he talked with his bodyguards whom he ordered to commit suicide. There was complete silence. Until he heard the splatter. Light feet dancing in the pool of blood. Bariel appeared at the feet of his father. His body was covered in blood. He wept at the feet of his king. Zmeralda was laughing and bathing in the blood. "Are you going to kill me next!? Your own little daughter!"

The black heart of the emperor stopped. His days of reign were over. Bariel, a man of fortitude and duty would now rule the empire. He understood who had done the poisoning. His face turned green and gave an expression only the Eldar were capable of. It was so foul that his servant who caught it would be haunted by nightmares. He wanted to teach his daughter a lesson. The following decade was going to be one of prosperity and the cleansing of what would be called the "The Blood Hall". She was sent to the most grim prison of the land and forever banished to live in the empire of her father.

Zmeralda was ransoned prison clothes and were told to keep them in check. Inside the prison, she stole food and stored goods in her cell. She was a deceicive and cunning individual. One day, her fellow bench mate who happened to be a cartel leader had caught her filthy tricks. So when she was strutting around the yard during break, she was knocked out. She woke up in the midst of a crowd, tied down. She was beaten and kicked by the mob. From then on, she was scared day after day by the minions of the cartel leader. She still kept her will. One day she encountered the cartel leader on the yard. The leader was a harsh and prompt Eldar female. Zmeralda looked up at her face but it was quickly printed to the ground. "I am Poison, the leader said." Zmeralda turned her head away, teased by the humiliation. She ran off. Then things turned black. She woke up in front of Poison, tied down. Her minions started beating her. Then, when they were finished, posion grabbed Zmeralda's bloodied head in the hair and started tickling her feet with a feather. Her body twitched in pain. She felt the laugh bubbling up in her that she resisted. Poison lifted her victim's cheek. "I have a special task for you tomorrow." She wiped her foot against Zmeralda's cheek before she walked away.

Zmeralda spent the following nights in the hospital. Her body was hurting and she felt an urge to resist Poison. Though there was something that made the thought of giving in seem so comfortable. She was both horrified and thrilled by what task she would be given. She had found that the Eldar minds here were less restricted than those in the realm-world. She was served her task in the morning by the helpers. The task was murder. To kill one of the enemy cartel. She panicked. She wanted to run away. Though, she knew what would be waiting. So she gathered up strength and fetched a knife to go on the prowl. The enemy was found working in a shift, alone. It seemed so easy. She saw prey before her. She screamed and stabbed in despair, time after time, putting hes victim to death. She then disappeared. After that, she was envigorated with something she never felt before. It was both horror and a rush of power. After that, Zmeralda and Poison were quits.

One day, she was released from prison. She became shunned were she went, because of her hulking, odd and reclusive way. To the cold mountain she went and slept in a cave. There she found wolves, that cared for her and gave her slabs of raw meat that she could feast on. She became one of them. Years and centuries passed. Her skin became as unforgiving as the cold. She had forgotten her name. She was now only... Creature. A creature lusting for revenge and life. She hungered.


One day, a sudden storm broke the silence. Creature felt an unnatural tension. Warriors came to the den to kill the wolves and take her to Commoragh. There, she was brought into the lab. She was crying in trauma. She was hulking. Her body had grown stronger and she had developed the same predatorial instincts as the beasts she had lived with. The haemonculi minds saw oppurtunity. Crossing the powers of the Eldar mind with the instincts of a predatorial beast would create a fearsome killing machine. Her hardened skin was untouched. Instead, they put her body into the coma where she was subjected to injections into her bloodstream for days. When she woke, she screamed and teared the wires and conduits to her body with immense aggression. She was now half Eldar. Half beast. Half mutant. She jumped around, climbig walls. Her movements were rapacious and insect-sharp. Her new masters whipped her with electric whips, paralyzing her.

The Haemonculi threw her into the arenas, clad only in rags. She was fresh blood but her predatorial instincts matched even that of the wych. So she killed. Wych after wych. Prowessed. Then came the Hekatrix. And then beasts. Then larger predators. She had now found a place where her potential was brought to full extent and she felt action. To this hell she was doomed.
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The Bloodied Hall
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