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 Road To EndWar List Building EP I

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Road To EndWar List Building EP I Empty
PostSubject: Road To EndWar List Building EP I   Road To EndWar List Building EP I I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 17 2016, 10:19

Hello again!

This time, i´m starting a new series of videos, recording my road to this falls tournament in Mikkeli, the EndWar. I was there in the spring (check the video and it was AWESOME!. These videos will include list building, tactics and battle reports testing out the lists. In the first episode, i´m showing the first list i came up with and the next weeks episode, will have the army going in to combat!

Here´s my Eldar & Dark Eldar force...


There will be loads of banned units and formations (to make things make at least some sense), at the moment (the rules package is being constructed), some of the bans are : Gargantuan Creatures, Super Heavies, Stealth Cadre, Seer Council, Librarian Conclave, only one unit of Warp Spiders...

- Lost Vyper
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Road To EndWar List Building EP I
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