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 And so it begins...

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PostSubject: And so it begins...   And so it begins... I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 04 2011, 08:28

Hello all, so it has been quite a while since I've posted, namely due to school and such, but since then I managed to draw a few of my friends into the 40k realm. Hopefully, if things go as planned, there will be a story driven map campaign which I'll have to help sequester them into gaming, and stories from each faction. But before I get ahead of myself, a little introduction for the amusement of the Dark City:

The sun shined down clearly upon the planet, bathing it aglow in the brightness of the afternoon. The sparse vibrant green coniferous trees provided little shade as new growth attempted to grow over the massive wounds given deep into the earth from carved out welts and channels as craters dotted the landscape. Despite the serenity, the air was tense as gray and blue armored figures marched about in three groups of six, as floating saucers laden with guns floated around, all lead by a one single hulking suit that hovered about, on guard as its robotic head scouted for possible ambushes, or hidden troops as he approached the designated zone. A few cycles ago they had received a vid-log message that an individual would bring portents of dire news, and how to stop it. Or so the Shas’El was hoping.

Trailing between the armored bodies strode a Por’El, a tau diplomat dressed in ceremonial garments of shining gold and deep blue, and a data slate with which to confirm the actions that were to be held this day. He walked proudly as his cloven feet strode across the fresh grass as he looked at down at the data slate. The coordinates were exact to this location, and even with the various cover and the lack of real shade seemed to show that there was no one else around, no one except the figure walking down the path towards them.

Strolling down, the individual walked forward, his head leaned forward as if he was one of knowledge and wisdom, his jet black coat rustling with the occasional relieving breeze as his lacquered boots as the individual occasionally sipped from a fine crystalline glass. His eyes relaxed as he walked closer, his somewhat pale complexion and baldness seemed to dignify his intellect as he smiled a wicked grin. Fluently and assuredly he began to speak in the Tau’s native tongue, “Greetings and salutations. I am rather glad to see there are still punctual beings in this universe.”

“Welcome traveler to the grand Tau Empire’s most recent colonization. We were somewhat worried that you were misleading us. Our… encounters with your civilization were one of suspect. We learn our lessons,” the diplomat carefully swayed towards the cloaked individual. Indeed, the Dark Eldar are notoriously treacherous, as the Tau had learned rather the hard way.

“Ah yes, I do recall stories of such events, after all one must be wary of trifling with the likes of Rakarth, but I can guarantee I was not at such events, let alone hold no ties to him. Nonetheless, I was honest about the news I was willing to bring.”

“Then please, for the Greater Good of us all, enlighten us on such developments.” The Por’El was rather calm with his words, trying to get the individual to play his hand.

“And in return, I only ask that I have a meeting with your Lady Ethereal no? I am.. curious, in your tongue, to understand your philosophies…” A crooked grin spread across as his lips parted with each syllable. In return, the Por’El simply nodded. “If such information is truly valuable, it should not be too hard to arrange proven how credible the facts may yet be,” he replied, his voice still not displaying any emotion.

The individual’s grin never left as he began to explain “Ah, well you see, ages ago this verdant world was once a very special place, yeeess, very special indeed. A great many battles were fought, lost and won upon the soil you now stand upon, a great many relics to be found. You see The silly Mon’Keigh, or as you refer to, the Gue’la, waged a battle across the stars, and they left quite a few baubles behind. However, I could be less interested in such. I am Interested, in the fact that some of my..distant…kin had to abandon a treasure of their own you see. They will seek to reclaim it perhaps, or to stop the inevitable from happening. As we speak, an invasion force comes now from both sides, seeking such prizes. Why, even the Mon’Keigh colonists you now have that serve -you- are descendants from survivors of the very conflict!” He laughed heartedly as the Tau look bewildered underneath their helmets at each other. Nonetheless the Por’El bowed his head. “Then we of the Greater Good will truly be prepared when the time comes.” The individual scoffed as he looked at the arrayed warriors with a crocked look in his eye as he whispered, “No… you won’t.” With unnatural grace that betrayed his ancestry he leveled his right arm at the assemblage, his eyes widened as he revealed the hidden barrel length tucked in his sleeve as his hand waved towards them, a gush brazen hues of blue licked at the entourage, easily melting through their armor, scourging their flesh as they wailed blissfully upon his pointed ears.

As the Tau rolled, dying in their last moments, the man walked around, sniffing in the fragrance of sheer terror and carnage, cheerily delighted in the aroma. Shortly after he stopped where the diplomat once stood, a rip in the fabric of reality was formed as a hemispheric portal opened behind him. Shambling forth in tattered robes at best caring pole arms of wicked intent, the hunched peons brought forth slain soldiers in full regalia, scattering them about, shot plasma wounds penetrating their armor as they were placed like a child with his toy figures in the grass. “Gently now, gently, we mustn’t disturb too much of this site for the tau to find,” the individual whispered as one of the shambling terrors brought forth his fine skull emblazoned cane. Without pausing from his stride he grasped the skull handle, as he looked about upon the beauty of this world, as he knew full well the destruction that was to come to this serene destination.
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PostSubject: Re: And so it begins...   And so it begins... I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 04 2011, 11:03

Good descriptive language, want to read more!

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And so it begins...
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