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 ITC DE/Harlequin List

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PostSubject: ITC DE/Harlequin List   ITC DE/Harlequin List I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 05 2016, 19:33

Here's my new ITC idea.

I love the idea of a bike heavy list and wanted to take advantage of the Harlequin bike's 2 wounds and unvul save.

Archon with Shadowfield, blaster, WWP

4x 5 Warriors in venoms with dual cannons

2x 3x reavers with caltrops and heat lance

2x Farseer on a jetbike

5x Wraithguard

2x 3 Windriders with cannons

Cegorach's Jest

5x skyweavers with haywire and Zephyerglaves
Troupe of 6 with 3 caress, 2 embrace in a star weaver

Here's how the list is supposed to work. The first Farseer's priority for powers is: Fortune. The second one is: Sanctuary (or Shrouding depending on who I'm facing). I'll put the Farseers with the Harlequin bike squad and depending on the powers, should have a pretty durable unit. The ideal is a 3++ with re-roll (and 2++ with re-roll when I used my Mirage Launchers). The Zephyrglaves hit very hard in close combat. The Archon and Wraithguard should be able to deal with a Lord of War (though a bunch of knights will be trouble). The Harlequins (including bikes) will team up with the Venoms, blasting away until the time is right to assault something. The Bikes and Troup should hit pretty hard in close combat. If I can snag Shrouded, that'll be a 2+ cover save for the reavers and skyweavers.

Are 6 Haywire guns enough? Is the wraithbomb viable, and if not, how do i deal with LOWs? I feel nervous about not being able to reserve manipulate.... though I'll shoot for the DE Warlord Trait that helps with that.

Thoughts? What am I weak against? Thanks! RB
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ITC DE/Harlequin List Empty
PostSubject: Re: ITC DE/Harlequin List   ITC DE/Harlequin List I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 05 2016, 20:03

It strikes me that for a very small point investment you could add some freak show shenanigans via armor of misery and a mask. If you're rolling for shrouded anyway then you can get an easy shriek too. Don't know how effective freakshow is on a small scale though (or a large scale for that matter, I've never played it).
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ITC DE/Harlequin List
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