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 2000p against the Blood Angels, EPIC game!

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2000p against the Blood Angels, EPIC game! Empty
PostSubject: 2000p against the Blood Angels, EPIC game!   2000p against the Blood Angels, EPIC game! I_icon_minitimeFri May 20 2016, 13:32

Hi ya´ll!

I made few slight modifications to my last list and had an EPIC game against Mephiston and his cronies today. We had a "Maelstrom+KP´s+Secondaries = all together your points in the end" -type of a game today (due to time constraints) and it was awesome!

First, here´s the list (i think i´m a keep playing with this one for a while...)


Blaster, SF, WWP, Agonizer...Warlord
Medusae x 4
VENOM (dual Cannons)


Warriors x 4
+ Blaster
VENOM (dual Cannons)

Warriors x 4
+ Blaster
VENOM (dual Cannons)

Warriors x 4
+ Blaster
VENOM (dual Cannons)



Scissorhand, WWP, Crucible
+ Aberration (Scissorhand),

+ Aberration (Scissorhand),


Ichors for everybody!

He had Mephiston, Zealot guy (warlord), Sternguard (pod), Tacticals (in a pod and rhinos), Stormraven (tacticals+CC-dred), Dakka Predator, Heavy Bolter Devastators...

He has faced my armies LOADS of times, dozens & dozens & dozens of times and knows, what to kill first (Venom´s anyone? Twisted Evil ). I gave him the first turn and hunkered all of my units (except Archon & Haemie+Grots) in to one table half and in cover with Cronos in the middle. He failed his alpha strike, dropping Sternguard in going for the Venom with no cover rounds, but got still a point...//
On my turn, i failed in EPIC portions...i had 72 poison shots shot in to the Sternguard = 1 left alive. I had 3 Blaster shots in to the drop pod (which gathered him three points, cos it died in turn 4...) and points

His Stormraven and the Predator came in and he went with most weapons for the Venoms, killing one and the crew too. He had a good card draw and ended the turn with about four points...//
I got both of my reserves in and tried to dust the Predator with Archon´s Blaster and four S4 flamers in the glance...i dropped the GrotBomb in the right flank with his two Rhinos filled with tacticals lurking around two objectives. I finally opened my points scored, by killing the Sternguard´s last dude in the shooting, gaining Overwhelming Firepower and a KP, but the rest of the cards were crap.

Out came the Dred and the Tacticals going for the Cronos and the smaller Grot Crew. Last reserves came in too. Stormraven shot everything to the Cronos, who made loads of saves and FNP´s. Grots made FNP´s like bosses and GrotBomb got lucky, after loads of flamers,bolters,melta guns etc shot, i lost only two. Thankfully, his Dred wiffed and Tacticals learned, how tough the Grots are. But he still got some points sitting on objectives and was in solid lead...//
After Mephiston got his S10 on (nope, not going there...), i charged my GrotBomb to the tacticals, getting Assassinate and Hungry for Glory. I Killed all but three and they got caught (stupid ATSKNF) locking me in combat for a impending doom. Talos came to help the Cronos and multi assaulted the Stormraven too, only glancing it twice and Immobilizing the Dred.Smaller Grots won combat (which was bad, cos they autorally darn it!) and gave the marines extra 11 inches of movement right besides my Venom with Heavy & regular flamers...yeah...i was behind about 3-5 points at this time

He pulled all the cards he was able to do/sit on and Mephiston SINGLE HANDEDLY wiped out the GrotBomb & the Haemie. Stormraven "got the f*** out of the dodge", Venom´s went byebye and suddenly (altough i killed the Dred, wrong turn damn it!) i was losing about 10-11 points!//
CTC turned around and ate the drop pod and finally, the Archon blasted the Predator. Smaller Grotsquad made an 7 inch charge and the three remaining Warriors joined in, but i killed only two marines and he killed a Warrior. Still his lead was superior...

Finally, his cards were crappy (well, he rolled one from Supremacy...) and we fought on the Grotsquad front, but it was a dud, no deaths. Stormraven came in, in hovermode securing additional point. I think the lead was about 8-10 points ATM (sorry, can´t remember exact details, didn´t keep track, relying on memory here) //
Talos ate the Rhino, Archon dropped the Stormraven from the sky with a single glancing hit...and people wonder, why i keep Blaster in him Cool. Grot fight was a slap fight...//

Mephiston failed to get Force on (this is why i got lucky Wink ), but came at me bro and the CTC was ON FIRE! I dusted EVERYBODY. I got Slay The Warlord + KP + Extra KP + KP + Extra KP + KP + Extra KP = 7 points! Grot fight was a slap fight...//
I got lucky. I pulled cards i was sitting on and suddenly was on lead 24-21! //

He got two points from the was a that moment...//
Like Champs, Grots disposed of the last marine and i scored another point from an objective and WON THE GAME cheers !

That´s why, i relied on memory, cos i didn´t keep track thinking i´m going to lose with 10 points or so...again, a perfect lesson of the 40K -game...NEVER give up!

- Lost Vyper
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2000p against the Blood Angels, EPIC game!
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