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 1850 ITC Tournament List V2.0

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PostSubject: 1850 ITC Tournament List V2.0   1850 ITC Tournament List V2.0 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 24 2016, 17:06

So my previous iteration of the list just was not working for me and felt too much like what I am used to. I am hoping with the new tournament season I can run pretty much the same core but with a different focus and some different units.

The Dark Artisan as a whole was not performing the way I wanted it to. The Void Shield was hit or miss and for 100 points, I would rather use those points elsewhere. Too many times am I going first and not really having anything protected by it.

Here is the list:

Dark Eldar CAD

Succubus, Glaive, Haywire Grenade, Armor of Misery- 115pts
x3 Grotesques, Raider- 160pts
x5 Warriors, Raider w/ Torment Grande Launcher- 110pts
x5 Warriors, Raider w/ Torment Grande Launcher- 110pts
Venom w/ Dbl Cannons- 65pts
Venom w/ Dbl Cannons- 65pts
x6 Reavers, Champ w/ Caltrops, x1 Caltrops- 136pts
x6 Reavers, Champ w/ Caltrops, x1 Caltrops- 136pts
x6 Reavers, Champ w/ Caltrops, x1 Caltrops- 136pts

Eldar Allies
Farseer, Bike, Stone of Anathalan- 130pts
x5 Fire Dragons w/ Exarch- 120pts
x3 Bikes, x2 Scatter Lasers- 71pts
Hemlock Wraithfighter- 185pts

Heroes Path Formation
Solitaire- 145pts
Shadowseer w/ Mask of Secrets, Lvl 2- 100
Death Jester w/ Haywire Grenades- 65pts

Total: 1849pts

The premise is to press the attack with the Grots and Reavers. Having 4 CC units has put a lot of pressure on my opponents to respond and kept them on their heels. The Reavers are able to surround most vehicles to force Emergency Disembark and can kill most vehicles in CC. Grotesques are a nice unit to tie some things up and allow for the Succubus to kill guys with AP 2.

I do struggle with vehicle heavy lists. Knights are tough and have to be dealt with by community. The Dragons can usually slag one of them then die. The Reavers have mass assaulted and taken some Hullpoints off, then I Hit and Run away because the Knight can only then CC one squad rather than two.

The Heroes Path seems legit. I have not used it yet but I like the versatility it brings. The ability for the Death Jester to brings units close to me to CC sounds good. The Solitaire looks good and can really tear into T3 units and is still a threat to anything, but not a super beatstick some people claim him to be. The Shadowseer grabs a couple more powers and LD debuff stuff. I will probably roll once on Phantasmancy and hope for a Witchfire, then roll on Telepathy and if it isnt something I want settle for Shriek. He will most likely be Outflanking or DSing in a Venom depending on powers and opponent. I think all 3 units are somewhat durable with the Stealth and Shrouding, but with the Plethora of Str. 6 still susceptible (not the Solitaire) to double out.

The Hemlock I think is my ace. The telepathy rolls for Shriek will help for FMCs and if I get Dominate or Invis, that should help with durability. The D Blasts will also help vs tanks as I need it!

Well let me know what you guys think and whether this can compete or not. I am excited because I am using a bunch of units I need customize and have never fielded before. Plus, I think it will be easy to make changes if need be. Appreciate it!
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1850 ITC Tournament List V2.0 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1850 ITC Tournament List V2.0   1850 ITC Tournament List V2.0 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 24 2016, 21:01

I don't think the list looks bad, but I'd probably drop the fire dragon exarch and the armour of misery for the archangel of pain instead.

The fact is, the 6" range of the armour of misery isn't doing you any favors on a hero/unit who WANTs to be locked in combat as much as possible. It means you're not likely to have lots of units effected by the armour that aren't subsequently charged. And while the armour itself COULD be good in combat in theory, the reality is that the things that it'd be good against, you're already going to sweep in CC, and it's going to be ineffective against the things that you'll have trouble against in CC.

The archangel of pain, on the other hand, provides a one-shot 18" dome of -2 leadership that autohits every unit in the area with an effect similar to phantasm grenade launcher. With clever placement and a bit of luck, it could potentially hit 5-10 enemy units in one burst. The burst potential of the power, in my opinion, lends it far greater weight than the combined game-length presence of the armour of misery and a fire dragon exarch. Wink

Whatever you decide, good luck and have fun!

Edit: Originally misspelled ineffective.
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1850 ITC Tournament List V2.0
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