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 1250 - New to DE

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PostSubject: 1250 - New to DE   1250 - New to DE I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 12 2016, 07:55

Hey guys, I've recently just picked up DE after coming back to 7th and playing our craftworld brothers initially up to 2k points. Mainly transitioned over due to everybody at the local store being a little touchy(can't imagine their precious necrons being killed etc.) about the Eldar Codex being strong, despite me bringing very C grade armies (Rangers, no aspects, no knights, no bikes, vypers....) to the board and usually doing very well. I'm hoping that DE will be both more fun to play/against for myself and others, and make it easier to play without being told im only winning because ive got an OP codex.

So far i'm yet to play any games but by watching a few youtube wargamers(strikingscorpion/skaredcast) and having a look through the forums here and a few other places i've pieced together the general gist of whats available to us and roughly how to play to best utilize units, i'm by no means a minmaxer but when we invest so much time and effort into the hobby, i do like to logically map out how my army will perform and usually drop out units that are just outright awful unless i really love the models.

I'm pretty open to picking up new models, but so far this is what i own as i figured i might as well get a solid core of units that seem to be a near auto include (venoms/raiders/ravagers/warriors) in most lists and then build a fluffy but effective list once i get some more experience with the units and see how my local group reacts to them.

What do you guys think of the list below?

The archon + incubi provide a strong counter assault unit, the trueborn allow me to remove something from the game each turn and the scourges are my backup dedicated anti tank if the trueborn/ravagers get shot up or forced onto the defensive, the left over venom and 2 raiders will push up and mass firepower onto single units using the raider's lances to open transports. I've used magnets for all the vehicle weapons that can be swapped but mainly stuck with lances where possible apart from the 2nd ravager as I fight Imp Knights, chaos Knights and guard parking lots in addition to necrons, wolves and general marines.

w/ Shadow Field
w/ Agoniser

Incubi (4)
w/ Klaviex
w/ Venom w/ Extra Cannon

Trueborn (5)
w/ 4 Blasters
w/ Venom w/ Extra Cannon

Kabalite Warriors (10)
w/ Splinter Cannon
w/ Raider w/ Nightshields, w/ Splinter Racks w/ Lance

Kabalite Warriors (10)
w/ Splinter Cannon
w/ Raider w/ Nightshields, w/ Splinter Racks w/ Lance

w/ 4 Haywire Blasters

w/ Extra Cannon

w/ 3 Lances

w/ 3 Disint Cannons


I'm really open to C+C about it all, and just general advice about how to play DE?

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PostSubject: Re: 1250 - New to DE   1250 - New to DE I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 12 2016, 13:06

Welcome to the forums!

I like the list for the most part.

Disintegrator Ravagers and Incubi occupy a similar role with regards to aiming down Marines and Terminators, so you might be in trouble if you end up against a list with no heavy infantry for them to lay into. Though as you say, you're up against Necrons and Marines, so perhaps taking both choices isn't too bad.

Luckily you've magnetised the Ravagers, so I suggest trying your list with your Ravagers the way they are, and then a list with two Ravagers toting Dark Lances, so you can decide on your preference.

Interestingly, you mention the Blasterborn will be there to "remove something from the game each turn". Just be aware that although Blasterborn are decent, they don't have AP1, or Melta, and if anything so much as looks at them they will die. They're certainly nothing like the Fire Dragons you had access to before.

Best of luck, and let us know how it goes.

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PostSubject: Re: 1250 - New to DE   1250 - New to DE I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 12 2016, 17:35

First, your second ravager is overpriced by 5 points. So I'd drop the dark lances on the 2 raiders and use that extra 15 points to make it a triple lance ravager.

The 2 raiders are going to be jinking every time something shoots at them to take advantage of the night shields to protect the warriors, so a single-shot weapon isn't doing them any favors when they have to snap fire most of the time. But the dissies are still there, in the event you come up against a lot of heavy infantry at once. Don't be fooled, though. You DO want to jink against anything that could kill those transports. You have too many points tied up there not to.

Second, I'm personally not a fan of Incubi in the current rules. Their models are awesome. Their fluff is possibly my favorite for any non-HQ unit in the codex, but their rules are crap. They were heavily nerfed(possibly by accident) in our latest codex release. They're an I5/T3 unit with no assault grenades for 20 points each. That means, if they have to assault through cover, they're attacking at the same initiative as the power fists, while the power swords in the assaulted unit have already killed them at initiative 4. They have no ranged attack to speak of. On the plus side, they DO have AP2 klaives. If you already have them, feel free to run them how you like and decide for yourself how they perform.

Personally, if I were to swap them out, it would be for a unit of grotesques, led by a succubus with an archite glaive. The glaive will give the unit back some of the AP2 you lose, while the grots give you more surviveability, and a pretty impressive damage output(although lacking AP2).

Here's a quick unit comparison of what they'd get against a 5 man unit on the charge:

Archon(6 attacks at AP3), 2++ save, lost in any phase after it fails a save, 3 wounds
3 Incubi(9 attacks at AP2), T3, S4(with klaive) w/3+ save, 3 wounds
1 Klaivex(4 attacks at AP2), T3, S4(with klaive) w/3+ save, 1 wound
Totals: 6 S3 AP3 attacks, 13 S4 AP2 attacks, 7 total T3 wounds = 280 points w/Dual-Cannon Venom

Succubus(6 S3 attacks at AP3, OR 5 S4 attacks at AP2)permenant 4++ save in combat, 3 wounds. Combat drugs.
2 Grotesques(10+2d3 attacks w/ instant death on 6s) T5, S5 w/6+ save & FnP, 6 wounds.
1 Aberation w/Agonizer(6+1d3 attacks at AP3) T5, S5 w/6+ save & FnP, 3 wounds.
Totals: 6+1d3 S5 AP3 attacks, 5 S4 AP2 attacks, 10+2d3 S5 ID6+ attacks, 9 T5 wounds, 3 T3 wounds = 290 points w/Raider

The grots are only instant deathed by S10 weapons due to their T5. If you DID decide to go with the grots, I realise points are kind of tight in your list after swapping the DLs over like I mentioned. I'd probably consider dropping a haywire blaster to cover the 10 point difference.

Good luck, whatever you decide!

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PostSubject: Re: 1250 - New to DE   1250 - New to DE I_icon_minitime

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1250 - New to DE
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