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 1850 Corsair DE Eldar Harlies

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PostSubject: 1850 Corsair DE Eldar Harlies   1850 Corsair DE Eldar Harlies I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 15 2016, 16:29

So after great success with my last elf army list, which was mostly footslogging, i decided to spice things up even more and add in another detachement of Corsairs!

The list is only now in its final stages, and il go through it more in detail below.

OBS: This list is semi-competitive, trying to minimize the use of raider/venom transport, but will hopefully still be able to put up a good fight.


(Corsair) Prince
Combat drugs
Jet Pack
Shimmer-shield (5++ for  him and squad)
Void Sabre

(DE) Lhamean

(Eldar) Autarch
Banshee mask

Troops: (all are fulfilling minimum troop req for my 3 armies)

Cast of players
7 Troupe

5 Reaver band
-Jet packs

5 Kabalites

5 Kabalites

5 Rangers


6 Shadow Specters
10 Striking Scorpions (aspect host)

(Corsairs) ^Prince goes here^
10 Malevolent Band  
- Jet packs
- 6 Venom blades
- Combat Drugs

Fast attack:

5 Scourges
-4x Haywire

1 Raider ^Harlies go here with Autarch^

6 Swooping hawks (aspect host)
8 Warpspiders (aspect host)


Ok so lets have a look at this cluster**** of different armies.
As you can see im running many different types of units, with a lot of flavor binding them all together.
The few units which are in transports are the only ones who cannot close distance on the field on their own, and basically the rest of the army deep-strikes/infiltrates or has jump packs equipped.
This is the theme, a fast precision pirate eldar force with a drug habit.

Swooping, scourges and sometimes Warpsiders and other jump units deep strike, if im feeling up for it, more units might, giving the Autarch much value from his +1 reserve roll shenanigans.
Rangers and scorpions infiltrate.

The only thing im really concerned about right now is my lack of anti air and anti tank, I think there are few armies I would have trouble with when it comes down to shooting units.

anything armor 12 or lower is handles nicely by many things, warp spiders come to mind for example.
But if we are talking 13-14 AV then I basically only have scourges for shooting, backed up by Shadow specters to some degree and swooping hawks in close combat.

Tell me what you think!

To me the army looks and feel cool, but im not sure about everything yet.

To get the corsairs in I traded away: 1 Razoring, 8 warpsiders 6 swooping hawks and 6 Striking scorpions .

Thanks for the help!  afro

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Posts : 10
Join date : 2016-01-16

1850 Corsair DE Eldar Harlies Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1850 Corsair DE Eldar Harlies   1850 Corsair DE Eldar Harlies I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 18 2016, 23:29

SO no replies yet, I guess its fine... its a weird army, and many of the rules are still new.

A point of contention, or food for thought if you will:

I can add 5 Baletrikes carrying Jet Packs and Dark Lances (all 5 have lances), if I trade away my venoms and 1 harlequin. The rest of the list stays the same. Thoughts? Smile

Another option is:

Removing 1 warp spider, 2 Scorpions and making the Corsair CC unit 7strong, that allows me to keep venoms with upgrades while still adding in the lance squad.
I might be cutting to many korners here to fit everything in?

Please help Very Happy
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1850 Corsair DE Eldar Harlies
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