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 2k United Eldar

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PostSubject: 2k United Eldar   2k United Eldar I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 14 2016, 20:57

So here is my army i am thinking of building for 2k points

Harlequins :

Shadowseer w/ mask, haywire, neuro disrupter & lvl 2
Death Jester w/ haywire

2x Troupe w/ transport, 2x kisses, 2x embrace, troupe master w/ caress
Troupe w/ 2x kisses, 2x embrace, troupe master w/ caress

Sky weavers w/zephyrglaive x2
Star weaver

Void weaver w/ haywire cannon

Dark Eldar :

Archon w/ haywire, phantasm, Armour of Misery, husk blade, splinter pistol & venom w/ chain-snares, grisly trophies & splinter cannon

Hellions w/ helliarch w/ agoniser & splinter pistol & phantasm grenade launcher
scourges w/ 3x shardcarbines & CC weapons, 1x dark lance & solarite w/ agoniser and blast pistol

Eldar :

Spirit seer w/ witch staff & shuriken pistol & the phoenix gem

hemlock starfighter w/ ace fighter

swooping hawks w/ 5x haywire & plasma nades & lasblasters & Exarch w/ sun rifle & power weapon , plasma & haywire names
warp spiders w/ x4 death spinner & Exarch w/powerblades & spinneret rifle

and thats a full 2k points used up

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2k United Eldar
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