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 2500 doubles tournament Eldar undivided!

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2500 doubles tournament Eldar undivided!  Empty
PostSubject: 2500 doubles tournament Eldar undivided!    2500 doubles tournament Eldar undivided!  I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 14 2016, 20:03

So I'm doing a 2500 doubles tourney (spoilers in title) and we each bring 1250. Just wanted to get a glance over on my list and his.

Mine; pardon some of the obvious explanation and long hand, I sent it to him who doesn't really know eldar.

Dark eldar allied

Archon: armor of misery,huskblade, Web way portal, shadowfield. (Goes with the seers to give them no scatter deepstrike, another 2++, and a nice character for taking challenges, oh and -2 ld bubble)

Kabalite warriors×5 in a venom w/dual cannons

Eldar formation

Seer council
5 warlocks

(THE deathstar)

Corsair raiding party (hate bringers because every point counts)

Corsair prince: void sabre, shadowfield,  mask of secrets (-2 ld bubble,  fearless, 2++)

Corsair void dreamer: level 3, shadowfield (mandatory second hq, gives more charges and some very nice mobility powers, 2++,  and maybe put enemies in reserves lol)

Corsair ghost walker×5 w/ fusion gun & 4 long rifles, haywire grenades (inescapable tank busters or objective campers/grabbers)

Corsair ghost walker×5 w/ fusion gun & 4 long rifles, haywire grenades

His list; roughly, I'm not familiar with the wolves.

rune priest (either mastery 1 with terminator or rune armor or a ml2 in power armor)

2 min size squads of grey hunters with plasma

2 squads of 5 wulfen with 3 hammer shield combo and 2 axes sergeant w/what have you and a grenade launcher.

And 2 landraider crusaders w/multimelta

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2500 doubles tournament Eldar undivided!
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