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 Dark eladr vs Necron 3,000pts

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Dark eladr vs Necron 3,000pts Empty
PostSubject: Dark eladr vs Necron 3,000pts   Dark eladr vs Necron 3,000pts I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 04 2016, 01:32

Well guys played a game of 3,000pts. VS Necrons.

Archon - blaster pistol, shadow field, agonizer, animus vitae, Haywire grd. = 165pts.
Succubus - armour of misery, blast pistol, hay grd., archite glaive = 130pts.

9 incubi - klaivex, raider, nightshield = 265pts.
9 trueborn - 4 blaster, 2 slinter cannon, raider, dark lance, nightshield, splinter racks = 279pts.
9 mandrakes

3 units of 10 kabalite warriors - raider, nightshield, splinter racks, 1 blaster = 180pts x 3
11 wyches = 110pts.

Razorwing - monoscytehd misiles, nightshield = 155pts.
10 Reavers- 1 blaster, 3 cluster caltrops = 215pts.
9 scourges - 4 haywire blaster = 184pts.

2 Ravager - 3 darklances, nighshield = 140pts.
voidraven bomber - implosion misiles = 235pts.

whraithknight - 2 destroyer weapons, starcannos on top. = 335pts.

I brought a lot of anti tank because I thought he was bringing the necron fortress but he didn't. He brought tesserac vault. good news for me a destroyed it in the first turn. after that it was sweeping the necrons. I would change the archon to be less expensive. and the void raven didn't do much. The scourges died on the deepstrike!!! other than that it went well. Enjoy the List.
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Dark eladr vs Necron 3,000pts
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