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 The lost founding chapter

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PostSubject: The lost founding chapter    The lost founding chapter  I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 08 2015, 16:26

The Grey Knights, greatest cheese of the universe, the first chapter, the emperor's finest. Created to all be a solid representation of the emperor himself. Some say Draigo, primarch of the Grey Knights, is more powerful then the Emperor himself.

I think I'm gonna expand on this in the name of all that is Warddddddd
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Solirite Fahrtahr
Solirite Fahrtahr

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PostSubject: Re: The lost founding chapter    The lost founding chapter  I_icon_minitimeThu May 12 2016, 22:54

No; not Ward please, I beg of you.

Jokes around is fun and all. But if you have read the novel Kaldor Draigo: Knight of Titan by L J Goulding, you will get a shocker.

'Time flows strangely within the empyrean. In the scattering of the daemon's remains, I see patterns. I see shapes and colours. I see echoes of things that are, and futures that were.

I see an old world beyond the next horizon. A world that likely never was, where sorcery blew in the very winds and a self-made god-king was all that stood against the Ruinous Powers.

Mayhap I would find the answer there, if I could find it at all.'
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The lost founding chapter
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