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 Aurynn's Fandex - Combat Drugs and other General Rules

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Aurynn's Fandex - Combat Drugs and other General Rules Empty
PostSubject: Aurynn's Fandex - Combat Drugs and other General Rules   Aurynn's Fandex - Combat Drugs and other General Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 17 2015, 19:47

Hi again, another stuff for your attention. :-)

1 - Perception Boosters +1 WS and BS
2 - Adrenals +1 S
3 - Metabolic Enhancers +1 T
4 - Speed +1 A, +1 I
5 - Mindblockers +1 LD, Adamantium Will
6 - Agoniboosters +1 level on PFP chart (for PFP rules see my other thread)

In any game where night fighting is in effect, Dark Eldar army can opt to go first or second (no roll is made – the DE player chooses). Also when night fighting is in effect, Dark Eldar player can choose that his units in reserves automatically come at the beginning of their T1. In case that two Dark Eldar armies are battling each other, use the normal roll-off.

This particular rule comes off too strong IMO. I would change it so the DE army starts rolling for reserves from T1. This won't give you a 100% chance for the reserves to arrive so Scalpel Squadron still has its use, but I think it goes well with the fluff of our army and we ought to have some advantage in this regard.

Harlies, Corsairs - Battle Brothers
Craftworld Eldar - Allies of Convenience

I know this will sit ill with many of you, but I think that we and our Craftworld Cousins are not Battle Brothers. :-) Will also prevent some cheese in list building and give me the opportunity to make the DE Fandex really good without fear of some crazy strong combos with CWE.

A model with this special rule has the Hatred USR against Daemons of Slaanesh or models with the Mark of Slaanesh. Furthermore, when making Fear tests, a unit containing at least  one model with this special rule suffers a -1LD penalty if it is engaged in combat with a unit that contains at least one model with the Mark of Slaanesh or Daemon of Slaanesh special rule.

I believe that we definitely SHOULD have the Anciend Doom rule. We are even more scared of She-Who-Thirsts than CWE. :-) Don't deny it, I know we are... :-)

Comments and Critique please. :-)
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Aurynn's Fandex - Combat Drugs and other General Rules
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