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 another Tau suit

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Yeah, there seems to be a certain personality type to tau players in my area. Are but 2 here are poor sports and cheese-mongers. However, they are all too convinced of their own superiority, and tend to rage quit if you make their cheese crumble. Examples of rage quits:

-Scalpel Squadron shoots all Pathfinders off the table turn1, removing his markerlights
-A Dark Artisan with WWP on the Haemonculus, and a TL Heat Lance on the Talos drops in and EXPLODES the Hammerhead with Longstrike
-A gang of 20 Hellions drop in and fell a Riptide with their 40 shots of poisoned dakka
-Ossefactors in my Scarlet Epicureans Formation eat a Crisis Suit team joined by a Commander Suit and lots of drones
-Reavers with their Cluster Caltrops, tearing Hammerheads and Skyrays to shreds

Just to name a few. I have been playing more Covenite units lately, mostly because I like the Scalpel Squadron, and the Dark Artisan. The local guys hate the Dark Artisan,because of majority T7 and Haemy getting IWND. MSUs is the way to go against Tau, bring as many Venoms and Reavers to the table and watch them weep. With tau, they have to shoot, so another unit can shoot better than the average guardsman.

Last game, I brought Wyches joined by the Haemonculus from a Scarlet Epicureans formation. Realspace Raiders gives 5+ Cover, and Night Fighting gave me 4+. That, and Haemy adds 1 to the PFP chart, granting FNP6+, and Cronos buffs it to standard FNP. His Fire Warriors with Cadre Fireblade only managed to drop 2 Wyches. He then devoted another unit for their markerlights, then another unit shot, dropping 6 Wyches. My opponent was less than thrilled to find out they were Fearless. So they absorbed 3 units shooting, and survived, leaving the wracks, venoms, and reavers mostly unscathed.
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another Tau suit
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