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PostSubject: Corsair    Corsair  I_icon_minitimeSat 19 Sep 2015, 11:47

Rumors about Eldar Corsair updates! Anybody got experience playing those? Those are the second Eldar faction I'm most interested in and whose mix with my Kabal would show the fleet based character of my Army.

Via Faeit 212:

via Frontline Gaming

eldar getting an update for corsairs soon!!!

Got some awesome Forgeworld rumors for you coming from our guy, Secret Salmon!

The Corsair Prince gets six different paths to follow. A prince can come a psyker. One way is to dabble in malefic demonology, obsessed with finding artifacts of the ancient eldar, leads too demonic possession. If it goes wrong, it has horrific consequences…. Another path has a prince who has to keep summoning until he runs out of warp charge points or dies doing it.

His retinue are gone and are replaced by the Void Storm squad all of whom are Felarchs and can be armed with a variety of exotic weaponry from Eldar through Harlequin to DE and some new stuff.

Void Storm squad get void hardened armor which is a 3+/5++ armour save now.
The Shadowfield is still in there too.
The Prince can access ANY remnant of glory, enigma of the Black Library or the relics listed in the DE codex.

The Prince can take a Corsair Venom like an Archon can. Corsair Venoms can now have two heavy weapons including splinter cannons or a mix of Eldar heavy guns and DE. So they can take scatter laser and a splinter cannon at the same time.

A Corsair Baron is a new HQ that sits between the Prince and the Felarchs in the ranks of a Corsair band.
Formations There are some that resemble loose associations and war bands rather than rigid military structures. One uses multiple princes.

The Void Dreamer Gets a major buff. Able to take Telekinesis now and will be ML2. Void Dreamers can use the webway to suck an enemy unit or vehicle off the map and place it into ongoing reserve.
Infantry get boosts. Corsair Jet Packs give a 4+ armour save. WS and BS are 4 as per other Eldar.

Felarchs have 5 and 5. Each model can have a different weapon including splinter rifles.
Felarch’s have an ability that helps their unit in close quarters fighting. Not sure if that means shooting, assault, or something else.

There’s an army-wide power akin to battle focus “but a little different”.

New vehicle wargear kinetic fields which is a 4++ against anything within 24″. The 4++ works in CC as well where it becomes rerollable. Wasp Walkers can take kinetic fields which means they’ll tie things up in CC pretty well. Corsair vehicles can really be in the thick of it.

Corsair Jetbikes – There are new models completed by Will Hayes. He coyly confirmed this to me. Corsair Jetbikes can take splinter cannons. The Corsair Prince can take a jetbike.

Warp Hunter – D strength minus 1. Same profile as before not sure if the AP moves to 2.

Firestorm gets ignores jink and rending.

Hornet pulse lasers have a higher cost.

There are lots of specialist grenades that do different things including building and fortification busting. One is a S grenade that can be thrown but cannot be used in CC.

Bel-Annath gets a makeover but not sure on the detail.
Changes to how Spectres and Iryillth move.
There is a new Wraithlord variant produced by Will Hayes.
Revenant, Cobra, and Scorpion all getting updated.
No more void dragon phoenix.
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PostSubject: Re: Corsair    Corsair  I_icon_minitimeSat 19 Sep 2015, 16:32

Super stoked. Can't wait.
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