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 1500p DE with CWE - meta/semi comp

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1500p DE with CWE - meta/semi comp Empty
PostSubject: 1500p DE with CWE - meta/semi comp   1500p DE with CWE - meta/semi comp I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19 2015, 11:25

The overall layout for my new list is almost finnished. But i have some things i cant seem to agree mith myself on. My games is mainly agianst: Necron, tyranides and GK (with a knight).

So here is the list current and my thoughts:

Autach, Wings, banshemask, fusion gun, shard of anaris.

2x 5 scatter bikes

7 firedragons

Succubus, armour of misery, haywire, wwp, archite glaive

2x 5 warriors, blaster, in 2xSC venom

Raider, NS

2x Razorwing, lances, NS

2x Venom 2xSC

This comes in a little under 1500p.
The succubus, autach and firedragos ride the raider and drop in as a deathstar unit to pick out key targets (eg the knight). The group and either stay in the raider and jinksave the beat or can split up for more individual targeting. The shard on the autach is to get fearless, and the to ensure the unit dont run away.
The tactics for the rest of the units gives itself.

So the thinks i might or mightnot change:
2x5 scatterbikes vs 3x3?? (would change my eldars in to a CAD, and i could take the autach as WL insted)
succubus vs cheap wwp hemo? or going archons style (he could be a 1man army with SF and a some good roles)
2 fast attack venom vs a scalpel squadron (giving me the oppotunity to null deploy)

other thoughts:
I fell that i spend too many p on HQs in a 1500p game (almost 300p)
I might need some more AT, for picking out AV 13-14
Running D-scythe insted of firedragons

I would lave to hear your thoughts on the list?!
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1500p DE with CWE - meta/semi comp Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1500p DE with CWE - meta/semi comp   1500p DE with CWE - meta/semi comp I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 19 2015, 14:43

I would keep the Autarch simple; fusion gun and that's it. I would also change the Dark Eldar HQ to an Archon with blaster and wwp. I also like the idea of 3 units if skat bikes. More MSU is always better. That actually opens up some points for other things like Hornets, ravagers or crimson hunters.
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1500p DE with CWE - meta/semi comp
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