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 1850 Dark Eldar & Quins

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1850 Dark Eldar & Quins  Empty
PostSubject: 1850 Dark Eldar & Quins    1850 Dark Eldar & Quins  I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 26 2015, 00:31

Hello and thank you for taking time to check out my list. This is my first post here but i have been lurking for awhile and figured id make an account and start contributing. Ill show my list then at the bottom explain myself on my choices.
Dark Eldar

Archon with SF, HB, Aom, Blaster

Court  with 5 sslyth, 2 lhameans  

2X 5 kabs with blaster in splinter cannon venom

4 incubi with klaivex in splinter cannon venom

Fast Attack
Raider with NS ,DL , and sails  (Bigger quin units goes here)

Raider with SR, DL, NS,TGL (Archon unit goes here)

Venom with Cannons ( smaller quin unit goes here)

5 Scourges with 4 haywire


Heros Path formation
death jester and solitaire with HG, Shadowseer level 2

Shadowseer level 2 with mask of secrets ( joining Archon)

Deathjester with HG ( joining Incubi)


7 Harlequins with 3 with NS and 3 with HK, Troupe master HC

5 Harlequins with 3 HC, troupe master with HC and HG

The list comes out to exactly 1850. I know people are going to say it needs more venoms and lances but i like making mixed lists and trying new things. I mainly play against khornedemonkin and necrons and sometimes i do well and others i do not, but by switching what i run it keeps the other player from figuring out how to counter me if i ran the same thing everytime. I will admit when i have used wychs or hellions ive lost badly but this list im running units i always seem to have been effective with( minus the time my seer periled and killed half the unit with him). You will notice this list is unbound but honestly there is no point in trying to make quins bound cause the tax is too much. Heres a quick Rundown of what i intend my units to do

Archon unit will be my main threat unit to my opponent and running it in this setup has worked well for me before. Ive had a bloodthirster and belekor get tied up with it and then snuck in another unit to cut them down while the unit tanked the damage.

The incubi with jester is something new i want to try. Shooting and causing the opponent to flee closer or out of cover would be great for charges and causing fear gives a chance for good buffs aswell

The bigger quin unit will hunt down larger assault units and try to inflict as much damage as they can.

The smaller quin unit will be used to go after key units that the enemy is fielding and will also be used to join into other assaults to try and turn the tide.

The solitaire will go vehicle hunting. Ive had him tear through 3 hellbrutes before and he usually does well at other things.

The lone seer and jester will try to harass and distract my opponent into wasting time on them.

I know this list isnt super powerful but i feel it can do pretty well. Feel free to tell me what you guys think about it.
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1850 Dark Eldar & Quins
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