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 Kabalite Raiding Party with Trueborn instead of Warriors

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Kabalite Raiding Party with Trueborn instead of Warriors Empty
PostSubject: Kabalite Raiding Party with Trueborn instead of Warriors   Kabalite Raiding Party with Trueborn instead of Warriors I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 13 2015, 13:24

Hey guys

I was reading through this thread over in the Tactics forum, and a post from @amorrowlyday on p7 got me thinking about the structure of the Kabalite Raiding Party formation. Maybe you guys are all aware of this already, but I haven't seen it discussed before at all and it seems to me like it deserves a mention:

  • The KRP must take six units of Kabalite Warriors
  • The army list entry for Warriors says that all models can be upgraded to Trueborn (and then becomes an Elites choice, which may or may not be relevant...)
  • Surely every unit in the formation is allowed to purchase upgrades that are listed in its army list entry
  • The formation doesn't come with any FOC restrictions, only army list entry restrictions (so there's nothing about 2xTroops minumum, or 3xElites maximum etc.)

Soooooo..... can we take a KRP in which all six Warrior slots are actually filled by Trueborn?

And, if you could do this, would you?

EDIT: Haha, there's also this this discussion right here in the Rules forum that starts to discuss the same thing. Apologies for bringing the same question up twice; I should have read through the existing posts before creating a new one!
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Kabalite Raiding Party with Trueborn instead of Warriors
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