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 1850 Tantalus, Battlesuit

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Vollok Karnth
Vollok Karnth

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1850 Tantalus, Battlesuit Empty
PostSubject: 1850 Tantalus, Battlesuit   1850 Tantalus, Battlesuit I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 30 2015, 00:36

So one gag gift of Tau from friends later and I had this insane idea.

Dark Eldar 1235pts
Archon, agoniser, shadow field, haywire grenades
Incubi, 4 man, klaivex
Venom, splinter cannon
Tantalus, torment grenade launchers
Grotesque, 8 man, x8 liquifier gun, (embarked in the Tantalus)
Kabalite warriors, 10 man
Raider, dark lance, shock prow, splinter racks
Kabalite warriors, 10 man
Raider, dark lance, shock prow, splinter racks

Tau 615pts
Battlesuit comander, x2 missle drone, advanced targeting system, drone controler, shield generator, missle pod, command & control node, sensor suite, xv8-02 iridium battlesuit
Battlesuit bodyguard, 2 man, x2 bonding knife ritual, x4 missle drones, x2 missle pod, x2 shield generator, x2 advanced targeting system
Fire warrior, 12 man, x12 bonding knife ritual, x12 emp grenades, character, markerlight and target lock, x2 shield drones

Total it's 1850 and provided I'm reading the rules right on the tantalus the list is for normal tournaments not apoc.
Basically I plan on using the grots and tantalus to bust up everything I can while my raiders hit the heavier vehicles, my incubi and archon for melee and venom for more troop killing, the battlesuits sit back with their missile pods and drones firing into anything they can kill with the commander using the c&c node and sensor suite to give the others ignore cover and twin-linked.

Thoughts, critiques?
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1850 Tantalus, Battlesuit
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