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 Band of the Unbending Thorn

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PostSubject: Band of the Unbending Thorn   Band of the Unbending Thorn I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 23 2015, 07:19

A Benefactor?

Lady Malys Looked down from her throne at this Hellion Ganger 'Bowing' to her, with a Klaive against the back of his neck. It seem insolent, and unnatural to this male. "Raise, what is your name?" her words wore silken with amusement. "Corvaanis, Lady Aurelia" Her eyes barely narrowed at this familiarity. "Well played, he actually might be of some value, not just another simple ganger." she thought to herself.

"Do you know why you are here Corvaanis?" "I assume it has something to do with that fact I have united enough hellions to be annoying to your ships, but not so many to be worth the time and cost of sending enough forces to dig us out of our dens." His tone full of understanding of the situation, and being in the serpent's den. but unfazed by the fact. "So you are either a fool for coming here yourself, or you have some sort of back up plan." "Well my lady as you can see from our discourse I am no fool. I offer a trade, I know you were expecting my surrender, but I just can't do that." His smile was slightly mischievous, but the cast of his eyes showed he clearly for some reason was incapable of surrender. Lady Malys laughed at this. "And what do you have to offer me for your life?" "Well for my life I offer, you kill me and my followers will start attacking in earnest, and publicly this time, everyone of your raiders that leaves your pads. Not out of any loyalty to me, but out of something far more dangerous. Pride. One of them is allowed to kill me, not anyone else. I have taught them how to think beyond their more selfish natures. I have taught them that their lives don't have to be scrapping and bowing to the highest and mightiest. I have taught them that I am n charge because I am smarter, faster, and my plan will see them to something they never dreamed of."

Lady Malys took a deep breath at this. "Why was she so annoyed by this little speck of dung?" She pondered to herself as she fanned herself with her bladed fan, snapping her fingers summoning her servants with refreshments. They came running and brought a chair for the now guest, and table for the repast. "Because there was a time I thought the same oh so long ago when I was a consort." "So Corvannis. What do you want in order to stop your cute little raids on my ships?" She watched him like an asp does a mouse. "Oh nothing major, enough weapons of my choosing to arm my merry band of misfits." He said as he calmly plucked a bit of meat from the table popping it in his mouth after dipping in the most ideal sauce for it. Lady Mayls chuckled, "Now why would I do that? You can easily just turn around and now raid my ships more effectively." He calmly nods "Yes I could, But I also have another trade for you. A life for a life." Once again her eyes narrow. "Who's life are you offering? and Who's are you asking?" "I offer the leak that provides my the routes, locator signals, and pay load of your ships. Who's I as for? Well glances around. Her's." He points at what appears to be a random serving girl. "So You want me to kill a lowly serving girl, and you will give me a leak I didn't know about?" "Oh, no not at all. If you give me the weapons I ask for, I will stop raiding you ships, then I will tell you the leak you have, and her life is mine to do with what I please, when I please."  she tittered a bit at this Thinking to herself "Typical male." "I am inclined to agree to your terms.... except for one little detail." She reached for a sliver of candied fruit mimicking his earlier movements popping it in her mouth.
"Let me guess what is to stop you from having me torture for the information.... well two things, one that is very short sighted which you are anything but." She smirks and cuts him off " You told your followers if you are not back by a certain time, then you will be dead, and I will have to dedicate more resources to wiping out your merry band of misfits." He smirk turned into a grin, as he inclined his head slightly to her. "Well then lets us walk and talk assuming we have plenty of time for a little frivolity in the time frame you sent up?" "By all means my Lady" He stands plucking up a fresh fruit to snack on as he walks. She walks out of the throne room him walking beside her, The Incubus following keeping him in clear strike range, and the servant girl following two steps behind Lady Mayls. They walk for a few minutes him calmly snacking away on his fruit.

She leads them to one of the entertainment/training areas to watch the lowly warriors get punished for each failure, their suffering flavoring the air. She takes a deep breath "Now I am curious as to what you need more weapons for. After all Hellions are infamously proud of your Skyboards." "True, but My Misfits as you called them and I want more then to be just a hellion gang." His voice full of hardness "So you have delusions of forming your own Kabal then." He barely keeps his chuckle from turning into a full fledged laugh. "Not at all. My band of Misfits are quite happy with our current organization method. We are going to become a part of this society that can not be ignored, even if we don't fit in Vect's vision of how this works." There is a hint of bitterness when he said Vect. "We will become a full fledged mercenary group. Answering to no one but ourselves, free to do as we wish, working WITH anyone for the right price." Her eyes widens in amused surprised. Interesting, How are you going to get more troops and supplies?" He looks down at a stumbling failing young warrior. "Well what are you going to do with him? probably whip him to death or till he figures it out. It doesn't matter to you where his natural talents lie, I find value in him now, where you only find value in him once he learns his place in your organization. As a fledgling mercenary band we might be willing to offer a discount on our services for bodies." She giggles "You seem to have thought about everything, you will be an entertaining one to watch. Let me sleep on it." She turns and starts to walk away "Are you coming or do you have to get back to your boys?" He smiles and tosses the core over the training area.

The following morning She walks him to the Armory. Her tone one of matter fact business, with none of the playful games of yesterday. "I agree to supply your weapons with in reason, and the life for a life trade. So tell me exactly what weapons you are looking for." He smirks "Fifty-eight Reaver Jet bikes, three venoms, one agoniser, two powered blades, a supply of combat drugs and the serving girl's equipment" Malys's eyes narrowed that the number of and the fact he sad jet bikes, then widen at the mention of the serving girls equipment. "For more weapons then you could possibly use especially stopping attacks is not enough. Especially that many Jetbikes. I would have to trade for those. Same with the Combat drugs" He smiles "I doubt that with all your riches" he gestures around him. "First his name is Draven a foreman in your loading area. Second I will sweeten the pot. If you publicly mention my band in a favorable light, we will do as many attacks as jet bikes, you get us, of my choosing, just to ensure we are not being maneuvered into a fight we have no chance of winning. For the combat drugs, you tell us of supplies, and where they will be. We will get them ourselves. A perfect use of My Lhamean, she won't be noticed in your court, and you can use her to spy on me, which I am sure you were already going to do." Malys smiles once again slightly nodding her head. "Also you and just you, your warriors will be worth ten percent off per on buying a raid well will take slaves for you. So for Ten warriors we are will to do a slave taking raid at no charge. Anyone else no more then five percent per, if they are a good bargainer, normally One percent. Remember I want young dregs." "Sounds like we have a deal Corvaanis." She smiles, turns and walks away, She pauses and looks back "Don't over reach...." then blows him a kiss. "Go get your tools Lass." The Lhamean smiles and leaves. While he waits he lets out a deep sigh and laugh. "Stepping in to the hall ten warriors march in The bravest asks "What is so funny Lord?" Corvaanis sighs out his nose "I am no lord. If you want to show deference or respect then Boss works, if not then Cor will do just fine." The lhamean walks back in "Does that go for me as well?" "Sure, what is your name?" "Well Boss my life is yours so Lass works" Her eyes full of mischief.

They load into three venoms, with the power weapons. Looking at the Armory master "I will be back for the bikes in two days." Corvaanis, puts the Agonizer on his hip, then takes the controls with Lass riding. The warriors load up in to the other two venoms. Leading them into the under city through a winding suicidal route. Taking them to a dark warehouse. Inside he drops out of the venom. A set of twins steps up out of the crowd, one male, one female. The Male "I am surprised to see you Cor" "Did it go as well as you thought it would Boss?" the female asks. "Better, got the weapons and some recruits. Here you go gifts. One for you my beautiful Loro" He tosses her one of the Power Blades, "And one for you Marb" Tossing the other one to the male. "Now on to the introductions. This is Lass, she will be our house mouse." He turns and looks at the warriors as they step out "Welcome to the band of Unbending Thorn. We stand together, we will not bow, we will be a thorn in any and every one's side who underestimates us." A cheer almost a roar sounds behind him. "You were sold to me. Your masters.." A hiss almost as loud comes from the gathered hellions. "they found your lives that cheap they sold you to a lowly ganger. I set you free... join me and follow my lead we will tear a home for ourselves, that everyone in the universe has to recognize us, fear us, respect us." The same one who asked his name steps up "They can wipe out your band, with just a little attention and dedication of resources. How delusional are you?" Marb laughs as Loro activates her new power weapon. Cor raises her hand. "Delusional you say." Grin on his lips. He flicks out his agoniser striking a venom, gestures to the Lhamean in her regalia beside him, then points at the speaker. "So you and her and this are all figments of my imagination. I wrung this from the poisoned-lipped, silken tongue herself, when she planned on executing me. That is how delusional." He sighs "It is simple join me and my band, give me your best, and we together will prosper. Or don't a leave" He holsters his Agoniser with an open hand gestures to the door, then turns his hand to offer shaking hands.
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Band of the Unbending Thorn
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