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 A Sea of Thirst

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PostSubject: A Sea of Thirst   A Sea of Thirst I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 14 2015, 15:40

This is my entry. I hope you like it and C&C is welcome.
"Kill! Kill! Kill!" The crowd chant, not caring who dies.
"They are hopeful tonight" Agr'ell laughs, smirking as she looks at you. You smile as you look at the sea of Eldar, all desiring blood.
"The sea has an insatiable appetite and is very thirsty tonight." You whisper, rather poetically, sounding more like your Craftworld Kin than a Reaver who acts like a Hellion. "Lets see how many will be full before the end."
"Prepare for start" Div'nel, the commentator, announces You start up your Jetbike. "We promise nothing but your youth should be returned if the speculation of this race is anything to go by" he adds, arrogantly. "On your marks..." He shouts, glee clearly in his voice. "Get set..."
"KILL!" The crowd erupts in a roar of joy and pleasure.
You start quickly. Bladevanes whoosh out, ready to slaughter. Already claiming a victim in a barrel roll resulting in his head exploding. The crowd cheer crazily, even as you spin to avoid becoming a victim in the same manner from a lazy attempt. You take the initiative, taking the turn lower than Dendavar, your would be killer. You laugh as he goes high, knowing he is already dead. Even before you take the turn with a vroom. It's known as Razorwing Roost for a deadly reason. With a shouted shriek, Agr'ell enjoys the smells of a double kill, taking first.
"Success is not measured in victory, but blood" you shout, taunting her.
"Ha!" She laughs. "I will have your head then." She jibes, loudly. The crowd laugh at you and, in anger, you fly at her now only desiring her blood spilt, to feed the seas and calm their laughter. You need to do it or your deadly reputation will be in tatters.
Arcing down, you narrowly miss Agr'ell. but as you turn down slaughters slide you catch her bike and it corkscrews, putting her out of the race for a while. But, as she starts up again she shouts:
"Success is not measured in victory, but blood."
Lap pass as Agr'ell catches, but she gets there eventually. You hear the roar of her Jetbike as you turn into a tunnel. She realises her mistake and turns upwards sharply, just about surviving. You then realise it's the penultimate lap and speed round Caltrop Corner, activating the mechanism but it fires too slowly, lacerating the rider right behind Agr'ell, and he shrieks in pain.
"Final Lap!" Div'nel roars. You climb, cackling maniacally as you prepare to execute Agr'ell. As you look behind at her, you see her face. It's laughing. With you? No. At you. You look at her again. She mouths the words:
"First Turn..."
"Aaaaaaargh!" The Razorwings fly in, clawing and biting as they lift your body, the bones of Dendavar are scattered on the arena floor far below. You see your Jetbike fall right into Agr'ell, obliterating her in a deafening explosion. Your body falls, fast...
"And that, my friends, is how you die of thirst..."

500 Words... Exactly
Woo! I wrote this near the opening of the competition and forgot to add it.
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PostSubject: Re: A Sea of Thirst   A Sea of Thirst I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 14 2015, 23:57

Cool! A bit of second person perspective, nice Smile

I particularly like the last line.

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A Sea of Thirst Malys_10
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A Sea of Thirst
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