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 She Who Thirsts

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PostSubject: She Who Thirsts   She Who Thirsts I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 13 2015, 05:28

Lelith ducked beneath an outflung arm and felt her knife being torn from her grasp by the counterblow.  Against another opponent she might have danced back without worry, but the Harlequin was another matter.  The female Solitaire had shown enough skill to leave Lelith certain that she couldn't retreat while unarmed.  She lunged at her enemy in a sacrificial gambit, sending both women to the ground.

How many years had it been since an opponent had made her feel alive?  She couldn't recall.  How many decades had she strode the battlefields, seeking an enemy that gave her the life-and-death uncertainty, the electric thrill of real danger?  An age uncounted had passed since the last time she'd felt even a spark of that feeling, an age spent wandering, numb without and aching within.

None of the pathetic craftworlders could give her the fix she needed, but the Harlequins that came to their defense had brought a wonderful surprise.  The Solitaire had come upon her with speed she hadn't seen in years.  One minute she had been sleepwalking through a ballet of murder, and with the next breath she was riding the dragon.  No feeling had ever compared to this: the passion, the hot touch of skin on skin, and the knowledge that very soon one of their blades would pierce the other and end it all in a spray of arterial desire.

The Solitaire and Lelith rolled across the bloody, gently sloping grass.  Lelith had managed to grab the Solitaire's wrists to keep her deadly weapons at bay, forcing both women to thrash for a dominant position to end the conflict.  As they reached the bottom of the slope, Lelith could feel the imminence of the climax to this battle.  With a mighty grunt, she forced herself atop the Solitaire, who found herself straddled across the chest, arms pinned by the wych's outstretched legs.

Lelith wrapped her fingers around the Solitaire's throat.  Impossibly, the Harlequin's legs came up, her ankles crushing Lelith's own neck.  One of them giggled deliriously, but Lelith couldn't tell which of them it was. This was it; the end was upon them.  Colors bled away, and she could feel that feeling once again, that rushing, hot lightning she'd been craving for so very long.  She leaned in as close as her opponent's legs would allow, staring unblinking into the graven visage of She Who Thirsts, and felt the dam break.

Lelith closed her eyes, threw back her head and screamed, straining to cling to the sensation for as long as possible, even as the Solitaire's strength drained away.  She slumped over the corpse, sweaty and shaking.

Lelith Hesperax stood and regarded the body.  She knew it would be a great deal of time before she could once again be so set aflame, and so quenched.  With her customary grace, she bowed from the waist and kissed the cold mask gently.  There wasn't even a need to lift the mask: the face was her own.

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PostSubject: Re: She Who Thirsts   She Who Thirsts I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 13 2015, 08:08

See, this is the sort of story that should accompany Lelith's entry in the codex!

(As if they'd dare, these days!)

Good work Smile

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PostSubject: Re: She Who Thirsts   She Who Thirsts I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 13 2015, 16:45

Great story, I enjoyed reading it.
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She Who Thirsts
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