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 1750 Poor-Man's Grotesquerie

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PostSubject: 1750 Poor-Man's Grotesquerie   1750 Poor-Man's Grotesquerie I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 01 2015, 07:29

My local store had a tournament this past weekend that I attended and went 3-0-1 and somehow ended up winning lol.

The point value was set at 1750 with only two sources and no "self-allies", which for me meant no mixing the supplement with main codex. While this seems like a real bummer it ended doing quite well as I decided to make a "poor-man's" grotesquerie by not using the coven formation and see how it faired.

HQ: 140
Haemonculus Hexrifle, Scissorhand, Armor of Misery, WWP -140

Elites: 210
Grotesque x6 -210

Troops: 725
Kabalite Warriors x10, Splinter Cannon, Raider, Dark Lance, Night Shields, Splinter Racks - 185
Kabalite Warriors x10, Splinter Cannon, Raider, Dissentegrator Cannon, Night Shields, Splinter Racks - 180
Kabalite Warriors x5, Blaster, Venom, 2xSplinter Cannons-120
Kabalite Warriors x5, Blaster, Venom, 2xSplinter Cannons-120
Kabalite Warriors x5, Blaster, Venom, 2xSplinter Cannons-120

Fast Attack: 421
Razorwing Jetfighter, 2xDark Lances, Splinter Cannon, 3xMonoscythe Missile, 1xShatterfield Missile - 155
Scourges x4HWB - 120
Reavers x6, Arena Champion, Heat lance, 2x Cluster Caltrops -146

Heavy Support - 250
Ravager 3xDark Lance - 125
Ravager 3xDark Lance - 125

Basic premise for this list was to set up a semi-mobile gunline that picked away at the enemy until the grots and jet came in play. Once those two units made their appearance, the rest of the army would then break away from the line and start finishing off weakened enemy units.

The first game I played was against Raven Guard and Black Templars. He was fully mechanized and basically has his own gunline, which ended up being a lot more effective. Thankfully I was able to rely mostly on my mobility to hold key objectives throughout the match and pull out a win.

The second game was against a pure Ultramarine list using 5 pods, Tigerurius and some Grav Cents. That game ended up being a split even tie, which was totally fine by me facing all those nasty pods. Only reason that I was able to force the tie was thanks to my grots holding onto the relic and smashing the crap out of his tac squad in CC.

3rd game was against a necron Decurion detachment featuring a destroyer cult. He was also packing a squad of about 10 tomb blades with those irritating nebuloscopes. That whole squad plus his ghost ark went down turn 1. The rest of the match was picking away at his remaining warrior squads and isolating and eliminating his deep striking destroyer units.

The 4th and final game, also the most ridiculous one of all, was against Orks. Really, really sneaky a kill point match. My opponent was able to roll up the strategic warlord trait which allowed him to infiltrate 3 non-vehicle units. So at the start of turn 1 I was staring into the rage-fuelled eyes of two 20+ squads of slugga boyz and one 25 model squad of stormboyz...that were a frightening 18 in. away. That win came from sacrificing a few kill points to make him turn some of his might horde around. On turn two my bikes, now down to 3 models thanks to some loota shootas turbo-boosted into his backfield to threaten the lootas and my scourges dropped in to take off 2 hull points from this battle wagon. All the while my 2 ravagers, 2 raiders and 3 venoms punished anything that was silly enough to be out in the open. So somehow my 16 kill point MSU list actually spanked the green tide lol.

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PostSubject: Re: 1750 Poor-Man's Grotesquerie   1750 Poor-Man's Grotesquerie I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 01 2015, 15:44

Congrats on the Wins.
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1750 Poor-Man's Grotesquerie
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