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 Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts

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Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts Empty
PostSubject: Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts   Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 17 2011, 23:57

This match is my first Necron match in a long while as well, so I might as well take it up and write it up.

Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts DSC02832
My little pretties on standby.

Vespera is not happy when she came down upon this world. The howling winds only served to enforce her assessment of the world now; that it is dead and lifeless.In this particular settlement, aptly named Silent Hill, there is not even a sign of the little critters or beasts of burden, and even more bizarre no bloated or charred bodies of any kind. All she could see is a fine dust covering everything. As she walked around the destroyed settlement,one of her Kabalites shouted to the rest of the raiding force and as she watches, one of her scouting Venoms flying towards the raiding forces vapourized in the air by green pillars of light.

Vespera knew that light from anywhere, and if they were to raid again, they need to survive.

Army lists
The game is based on 1750 pts, and my opponent is somewhat an interesting fellow for playing the way he did. My Dark Eldar list is shown below;

Archon with Shadowfield, Agoniser, haywire grenade, Combat Drugs
2 x Haemonculi
2 squads of 3 Trueborn with blasters in Venom with two splinter cannons
2 squads of 5 Kabalite Warriors with Blaster in Venom with two splinter cannons
2 squads of 5 Kabalite Warriors with Blaster in a Raider with Flickerfield
1 squad of 7 Wych with Haywire grenades, led by a Hekatrii with Agoniser in a Raider with Flickerfield and Shock Prow (Female Wych squad)
1 squad of 8 Wych with Haywire grenades, led by a Hekatrii with Agoniser in a Raider with Flickerfield and Shock Prow (Male Wych squad)
3 Ravagers with 3 Dark Lances and Flickerfield

My opponent's list

2 Necron Lords with Ressurection Orbs
3 squad of 10 Immortals
2 squads of 10 Necron Warriors
2 squads of 3 Necron Destroyers

Seeing his list and I am already wondering how to I actually wipe them all out, as he could actually pull a win on me by shooting down my flimsy vehicles. He got so little KP that the only viable way to win him is just kill him off.

Mission and Deployment
We rolled for the mission, and we gotten Annihilation (bummer for me and for him, but more to my side). The deployment is Spearhead, which offers an interesting conundrum on my part and his as well. The way the terrain is set up when we played on it is unnaturally skewed so the roll for who goes first is vital. We both rolled, and thank the gods, I managed to get the higher dice roll number, and I opted to go first. In more ways than one, the choice for my table quarter is quite obvious and I deployed appropriately.

Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts DSC02838
Hug the wallls!

Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts DSC02839
He on the other hand, is now out in the open, but then since he is a Necron player with two ressurection orbs, he just used the good o' fodder technique to deploy his forces. He tried to seize the initiative, but he failed to do so. Thus, with that my round begins.

Turn 1
Vespera commands her forces to attack, and the arrow-like skimmers darts towards the metallic menace, firing their weapons towards the closest target. But to the surprise of the Kabalites, the metallic creatures reformed themselves even after taking shots that would kill a large monster or a tank. In retaliation, the phalanx fired upon everything in sight, downing several of the skimmers.

"Keep firing." Vespera gave the command to her forces, well aware that the Necrons will need to be obliterated down to dust to even do something to them.

Dark Eldar
I decided to move my forces ahead and keeping a safe distance from the Immortals, I opened fire upon the Destroyers with one of my venoms, but then It fell short of 8". This in turn made me a sad panda, as that means that the rest of my force is not able to fire upon the Destroyers. Since I am out of range against the Destroyers, I decided to obliterate the first squad of immortals with the rest of my vehicles. Managed to slaughter the first immortal squad down to a man.

The Necron player rolled his WBB rolls, and resurrected 4 of them and the Lord. and the Immortals decided to make the second squad of Immortals larger. His Destroyers moved out and managed to destroy a Kabalite Venom and immobilized a Ravager. The large Immortal squad opened fire upon the closest Wyche Raider and wrecked it.

Turn 2
As they get closer to the heart of the phalanx, Vespera lept out from her Raider along with her hired Wyches and proceed to destroy them. Despite the ferocity of their attacks, some of the Necrons managed to rise up again. As one is about to rise up, Vespera jams her heels into its eye socket and cracked its skull.

A shriek is all that it takes to make Vespera realize that those are now firing upon them, and Vespera slithers across the battlefield evading gauss fire everywhere. Vespera is annoyed that they even fired upon her, and she darts forward again to exact her revenge.

Dark Eldar
Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts DSC02841
I decided that those Immortals and the Destroyers need to die. With enough Ravagers firing upon the Destroyers, they are all dead within seconds. The two wyche squads, led by the Archon, forge the path ahead, and as they charged towards the large bunch of Immortals, fired their splinter pistols and killed 3 more of the Immortals before hitting upon the squad like a ton of bricks. Suffice to say I managed to wipe them out. But unfortunately for me, that means return fire.

Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts DSC02840

Those damn Immortals ressurected themselves again, and theyb joined themselves into the last squad of Immortals, making it 15 men Strong. The Necron Lord also resurrected himself for the second time and decided to join the now monstrously large Immortal squad.

He opened fire upon the Trueborn Venom and also one of the Troop Venoms, causing a catastrohic chain of explosion killing a number of my wyches and also the majority of the Kabalites who made the transport their home. More of them fired upon my forces, and killing the Male Wych squad down to 2 wyches.

Turn 3
Vespera realized that the battle is not going her way, and even more of her Kabalites are dying. If more of them are killed, there will be less bodies for her to hide behind with. With that conviction of survival Vespera fights on, even as the Necrons revived themselves again and again......

Dark Eldar

Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts DSC02844
Seeing that the battle is now getting more ridiculous for me (in a bad way) I decided that I have to throw in a gambit to obliterate the Necron Warriors. I decided to deploy or move anything with blasters (with the exception of one kabalite warrior squad) towards the warrior squad and the wyches towards the second Necron warrior squad.

While then, my vehicles decided to try and lance and poison some of those Immortals to death.

During my shooting phase, I managed to slaughter the first Necron Warrior squad down, and I managed to weaken the Immortals (slightly). My Wyches with the Archon charged into the warriors and managed to suffer no casualties. However his warriors stood their ground like a boss, and we went on chopping each other even more.


Seeing that this is getting a little messy, he decided that he needs to shoot down a whole lot more vehicles to even more. His immortals fired upon one of the Ravagers and wrecked it. In his assault turn, my Archon and her wyche bodyguard managed to win their close combat round and overrun them.

Turn 4
Her muscles are now aching, and her speed is slowly becoming slower and slower. The act of killing these things is sapping her out of her stamina and Vespera could only wonder how long will it take before she will be slaughtered like the Kabalites and Wyches around her. But suddenly, like smoke being blown away, the Necrons fades away into nothingness under a veil of glowing green mist. As she looked around, she realized that the fallen are also disappearing. Before long, all that is standing are the remnants of the raiding forces of the Kabal.

Dark Eldar
Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts DSC02843
Seeing that it is now or never, I moved everything to take their chances against the Immortals, and went all out with the Immortals. Despite me being able to kill a number of the immortals in the shooting phase, the most important thing is the fact that I need to lock them down ASAP. With that I locked my Wyches and some Warriors with the Immortals and managed to kill a few more immortals and managed to get the count of the entire Necron army to phase out. But now it is all up to the dice rolls for his WWB.

He needs to make 11 WBB rolls to allow him to continue on, and as he rolled there are a whole lot of 4+s, but then he paused. I was wondering what is going on before he said that he failed one WBB, which in the end means that he is Phasing out. With that both myself and my opponent shake hands and called it a good game.

Results and Afterthought
Vespera never felt a near-death experience like this before. The hopelessness that comes with it, the suffering in her soul.....this is the things she is supposed to inflict upon others, not to herself. She cursed under her breath for her weakness....

Kill points
Dark Eldar: 9
Necron: 7

The game is quite a close one for me, as I lost enough KP to actually hand him the game unless I wipe him out to a man. His initial deployment of the Destroyers is a smart move on his part, and those things inflicted some damage upon my army, and combined it with some Immortals in Gangstaland shooting and I got a few vehicles suffering 'Black Hawk Down syndrome'.

One of the main mistakes I think I have done is essentially just coming into his range, and that almost killed me. But nonetheless the Wyches managed to pull the win out for me, despite suffering a ridiculous number of retaliatory shots.

In my opinion, I think he did pretty well with his oddball list, but at that last turn, I believed that he should have countercharged me somehow. It could have done him a whole lot as with my wyches gone, he could withstand the firepower of my list.
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Silence of the Hills - Dark Eldar Vs Necron 1750 pts
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