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 1500 Dark Eldar Highlander List

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PostSubject: 1500 Dark Eldar Highlander List   1500 Dark Eldar Highlander List I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 11 2015, 20:10

Ok, I am going to a Highlander tournament on Saturday and would like assistance with the list.  Rules are EVERYTHING has the Unique special rule.  Meaning you cant have more then 1 Unit of the same type this includes transports. Plus Below:

Armies can be composed of 1 Primary detachment and 1 Ally detachment.
Supplements are considered the same faction as the primary codex so self allying with them is not allowed unless the codex or supplement specifically states an exception (e.g. Farsight & Space Marine)
No Lords of War
No Formations
No Super Heavies or Gargantuan Creatures.
No Dataslates

Special rules for troops. You can duplicate troops but only after all other troop choices have been taken.

I am doing straight Dark Eldar for this and here is what I have. There isnt much Dark Eldar I dont have, so any advice i can do. Only thing from the Codex i dont have are Mandrakes(need to get some).

So Here is the list.

Succubus (Archite Glaive, WWP)

Grotesques x 4 (1x Aberration w\Scissor Hands, 2x w\Liquifiers)
Wracks x 9 (1x w\Ossefactor)

Warriors x 10 (1x w\Splinter Cannons)
Raider (W\Lance, Nightshields, Splinter Racks)
Wyches x 5 (1x Hydra Gauntlets)
Venom (2x Splinter Cannons)

Fast Attack
Reavers x 6 (2x w\Cluster Caltrops)
Scourges x 5 (4x w\Haywire Blasters)

Heavy Support
Cronos w\Spirit Probe
Talos x 3 (3x w\Ichor Injectors)
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1500 Dark Eldar Highlander List
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