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 Dealing with Crons

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PostSubject: Re: Dealing with Crons   Dealing with Crons - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 01 2015, 12:12

TBE got it right, Decurion need to be dealt with in close combat so you can sweep them off the table. It's just too long to shoot through all those 4+/4++ reroll 1. I had a lot of success with a Grotesquerie + Succubus with armor of mysery.

On paper Reavers work too if, unlike me, your able to trigger rending :p
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Dealing with Crons - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dealing with Crons   Dealing with Crons - Page 2 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 01 2015, 15:11

It was a combination really of threat overload and terrain - i used reavers to screen the incubi and wracks in their venoms, then boosted them over onto some terrain where they were only in LOS from one unit. That unit got charged by the Incubi on turn 2 having been dumped out of their ghost ark by lance fire on turn 1.

My opponent then dropped in a monolith and slingshotted a big warrior unit out, which he shot at the incubi, leaving the reavers free to advance with relatively little fire on them. the majority of fire from my opponent was focused on his left flank, trying to account for my Talos (2) and Grots (3 with haemy, succubus).

I took five incubi, including a klaivex, and 9 reavers just modelled as i had them so 2 caltrops, 1 grav talon, 1 heat lance and 2 blasters. Their performance in combat was really boosted by the arena champion too, who I gave an agoniser. I think they won their combat by 7 or 8 in the end.

I was surprised there wasn't more fearless stuff in the necron army actually, and against us, the C'Tan is a massive waste of points, it died to 1 gunboat of shooting in 1 turn (yes, poor saves by my opponent, but even so, 2 gunboats would have seen it off on average rolls, and I did have a second waiting to help).

Tan? You're joking, I'm a gamer, you're lucky I'm wearing deodorant!

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Dealing with Crons
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