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 1850 vs. Necrons

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PostSubject: 1850 vs. Necrons   1850 vs. Necrons I_icon_minitimeFri May 29 2015, 15:50

A good friend of mine and I are going to be having a few games here soon and I will be bringing my dark eldar alongside some coven formations to try and defeat his necron spam dynasty. It was named that due to the fact that this guy will usually run 2-4 flyers or 2-3 squads of ~6 wraiths or sometimes both. He doesn't get too cheesy since he won't run the canoptek harvest, so there's not that to worry about. Knowing his usual shenanigans and his overall lack of knowledge of the dark eldar codex, I've come up with a list that will hopefully counter his canned Squirrels, Possums, and Mice Wink

HQ: Archon (Warlord) - Shadow Field, Blaster, WWP......150

Elites: 5 x Mandrakes.....60

Troops: 10 x Kabalite Warriors - Raider, DL, SR................155
10 x Kabalite Warriors - Raider, DL, SR................155
5 x Kabalite Warriors - Venom, 2xSC, Blaster......120

Fast Attack: Razorwing Jetfighter - 2xDL......140
Scourges - 4xHWB...................120
Reavers x3..............................48

Heavy Support: Ravager - 3xDL.......125
Ravager - 3xDL.......125

Dark Artisan - Sprit Probe, Scissorhand, WWP, Sindriq's Sump, Vexator Mask, Ichor Injector..390
Scalpel Squadron - 2xSC on the Venoms, 2xOssefactors, 1 per squad.........260

Quick rundown: I will hopefully go 2nd so as my deep strikers will be able to catch a few units out of position and the razorwing will be able to target his flyers. Archon deploys with Scourges that will hopefully drop one of his arks. Scalpel squad will drop ~13-20" away from the wraiths in attempts to bring them down. The DA will drop behind his lines to harass and/or deal with any wraiths he leaves behind to cover his back field or any destroyers he tries to hide or go after his warlord, which is usually a destroyer lord in a wraith pack. As we usually play Maelstrom missions, the reavers are there to grab objectives/harassment. Mandrakes will, depending on his deployment and objective placement, act as a distraction carnifex or grab an out of the way objective. Ravagers hit armor/wraiths and the Kabbies try to drown his wraiths in wounds. I know it looks like I'm dropping way too much firepower on his wraiths, but he usually has pretty hot dice and once his wraiths are gone he usually then stands around not knowing what melse to do.

Any input/constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 vs. Necrons   1850 vs. Necrons I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 06 2015, 22:21

As a whole I like it. I would personally swap out the 5 Kabalite Warriors and their Venom for another 6 Reavers and give three of them Blasters as I think they would have a bigger impact with improved firepower and durability.
That's my opinion, make of it what you want.
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1850 vs. Necrons
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