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 Escelation League Lists

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PostSubject: Escelation League Lists   Escelation League Lists I_icon_minitimeFri May 29 2015, 03:21

Hey guys. So one of my local stores is hosting a Escelation League, starting at 500 and going up to 1500. I have a 1500 list that I'm fairly confident in, I've won with it twice thus far in a row against a Dark/Blood Angel force, and a Krieg Guard army. However I'm not so sure about 500 points and the small games. Gonna be at least one smart guard player, a Blood Angel, a Dark Angel, a Chaos Guard, a Grey Knight, and possibly others. 500 list I have thus far is as follows:

5 Warriors w/ Blaster
-Raider w/ Nightshields/Dark Lance

3 Reavers
-Blaster and CC

Archon w/ Huskblade

The idea is that the two raiders will attract their attention with the shiny 3+ Jinks that the enemy is so suddenly scared of (Most of em haven't played me more than once) Whilst the Reavers blast around their shooty range and get in to pop expensive tanks on rear armor, Assault and over run light infantry, or tie up heavy infantry until the archon can get in. Tons of Lances so that no matter how many tanks I face, it's not a problem. Archon was a mandatory HQ but figured may as well go Captain hunting with him since he is there. When I start getting into higher games, I'll be adding Razorwings, Succubi/Incubi squad, Full on WarriorBoats and a Ravager, but I gotta make it there first I think. Opinions? Constructive Criticism? Also looking for experience with Escelation as I've never done a public event before.

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PostSubject: Re: Escelation League Lists   Escelation League Lists I_icon_minitimeFri May 29 2015, 08:04

I've just entered an escalation league 500pts and increaseing each month bye 250pts, this site has been very helpful and I have already posted my army list in a thread "500pt" the original poster is active alpha or something similar.

Some of the vets here gave me the advice to skip the archon at this points level and just take a Llhamaen in a venom.
She costs 10 pts which leaves more points for more guns/ boots Wink.
I think 3 reavers is too few in my 500 list I have 6 with 2 caltrops this unit can be used for anti infantary or vehicles with the rending.
All in all I have 3 venoms, 2x 5 warriors with blaster's and haywire's and 6 Reavers with 2 caltrops and a lone Llhamaen and so far I'm having a blast relearning 40k/ 7th
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Escelation League Lists
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