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 1850 league list

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PostSubject: 1850 league list   1850 league list I_icon_minitimeWed May 06 2015, 13:48

Hello, I am Mighty Doughnut of the Disco Booters. Smile I've been into wargaming for quite some years now, but started to play and collect WH40k around a year ago. (used to play with borrowed armies in 4th edition) I brewed this list for my regional league matches. What do you think?

Formation - Dark Artisan (375 points)

Haemonculus Manus - Flesh Gauntlet, Hexrifle, Webway Portal 125
Cronos Princess - Spirit Probe 125
Talos Cuddly Bear - Chain-Flails 125

Formation - Grotesquerie (490 points)

Haemonculus Janus - Flesh Gauntlet, Sindriq's Sump 90
2 x 4 Grotesques in Raider - Aether Sails 200 per squad

Dark Eldar CAD (981 points)

Succubus Gloria Teardrinker - Archite Glaive, Haywire Grenades, Armour of Misery - 115

5 Kabalite Trueborn (The Boytoys) in a Venom - 4 x Blaster, Splinter Cannon on a Venom - 180

2 x 5 Kabalite Warriors (Rave till Grave and Headbangers) in Venoms - Sybarites with Haywire, Splinter Cannon on Venoms - 128 per squad

Razorwing Jetfighter (F**k Machine) - Splinter Cannon, Dark Lances - 150

2 x 5 Scourges (Tank Spankers and All-Range Drug Snufflers) - 4 x Blasters -140 points per squad

List is highly mobile, got some staying power and can punch some serious hurt in CC (Grots). Last tourney, grots managed to tear apart the new Wraithknight. Very Happy Should I change something or does this list looks elastic and adaptable enough?
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1850 league list
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