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 minor tweaks to the codex

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minor tweaks to the codex Empty
PostSubject: minor tweaks to the codex   minor tweaks to the codex I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 30 2015, 21:23

I've been thinking about a series of minor tweaks to the codex, in order to make it a bit more palatable. The point here is not to make too many sweeping changes, but just minor things here and there that I think make sense.

As an aside, I recall that there was a web-based initiative to get the rules for dark elves in WFB revised, back during WFB 5th edition. GW actually listened, put the rules changes in WD, and then incorporated them into the next printing of their army book. Does anyone know *how*  managed to pull this off? Maybe we should try doing something similar?

Anyways, the changes that *I* would make to the codex, with keeping point changes to a minimum (which isn't too difficult to balance in light of the new elder codex, which makes a lot of our units seem overpriced for that they do). I'll also include my reasoning for each change in a notes section underneath each entry:

Razored Tempest: On any turn that wyches enter play from reserves (deep strike, WWP, etc), they may charge during that turn's assault phase. Any charge performed in this manner counts as a disordered charge.

Notes: A lot of people have suggested extending the dodge save to the entire assault phase as a fix for wyches. There are arguments for and against that, and it's not a bad idea. However, I think that it seems more fluffy to have this, in terms of wyches leaping down onto enemies from descending raiders, or running screaming out of webway portals and immediately engaging the enemy. With it counting as a disordered charge, and with wyches possibly dropping like flies to overwatch, this doesn't seem overly powerful.. and it can make a huge difference, with wyches being able to tie up key units.

During any assault phase that Hellions charge, all of their attacks get shred, including HOW attacks.

Notes: This is representative of the extra force of their initial attack that comes from striking with blades that are backed by the additional momentum of a fast-moving hoverboard. It should mesh well with hit and run.

Kabalite Trueborn
Give them back the option to take shard carbines and haywire grenades as per 5th ed codex.

Notes: These guys are the most elite of the elite. They should have access to lots of toys that most warriors don't.

Bloodbrides would likely benefit greatly from the Razored Tempest rule that I assigned to wyches above, since they would have twice the attacks. Also, giving them WS5 might make them worth their points cost, as they are supposed to be the best of the best wyches, short of Succubi.

Tormentors - When charging into cover, Incubi do not suffer any initiative penalty for doing so.

Notes: They've been in the fluff, but not represented. I figure that they should work similarly to the banshee mask, plus it solves the problem of incubi not having access to grenades.

Aerial Hunters - Any scourges who used their jumppacks during the movement phase may choose to have skyfire during the subsequent shooting phase.

Notes: We don't have any non-flier based skyfire. It makes sense to give this to scourges. However, they should probably have to 'fly' in order to get the benefit.

Reaver Jetbikes
grav talon - give it blind as well as concussive

Assorted items/wargear/upgrades

Huskblade - wound roll of 6 counts as AP2

Notes: This represents managing to hit that one weak spot or chink in armor, as all it takes is a tap in the wrong spot by a huskblade for it to work its magic.

Djinn Blade - change it to AP2.

Notes: This is a no-brainer. It carries too many risks to be worth taking without it being AP2. Besides, if the Diresword gets AP2 (which is a sword with a vengeful spirit trapped inside), then this should too.

Electro-corrosive whip - change concussive to blind.
mindphase gauntlet - change concussive to blind

Notes: Concussive is pretty much useless to dark eldar. Blind gives an appropriately fluffy effect AND actually does something useful.

Phantasm/Torment Grenade Launcher - replace soulfright description with:
'target unit must take a pinning test with a -1 LD for every model hit by the blast template'

Notes: Basically, I'm reverting it back to the terrorfex/horrorfex from 3rd edition. The grenades cause vivid and very distracting hallucinations. The effect is amplified by having multiple targets experiencing these hallucinations.

liquifier gun - put it back up to S4.

Notes: This one is a no-brainer. It certainly wasn't game-breaking before. At its current cost, I think that S4 is far more justified than S3.

Shredder - change to  Range: 18" S6 AP- Blast, Monofilament (using the monofilament rule from the eldar codex). Increase point cost by 5 pts.

Notes: It uses the same monofilament tech, so it should be consistent with that. The increase in range, along with it being cheaper than a blaster, make the shredder at least a semi-attractive option.
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minor tweaks to the codex Empty
PostSubject: Re: minor tweaks to the codex   minor tweaks to the codex I_icon_minitimeFri May 01 2015, 00:32

I agree with a lot of the suggestions you've made.

The Incubi buff is right on par with what they just gave the banshees in the new craftworld dex.

The torment/phantasm grenades are useless as is, as more than half the armies you'll be facing will likely be immune.  Pinning alternatively might actually give us a reason to charge.

Concussive is utterly useless(to us) as you mentioned, with the minor exception of covens.  Even then the have the vexator mask which is much better.

Hellions are currently broken beyond repair.  The only things that could save them are A) Change them to troops, B) allow an elite bloodbride version (giving them the extra attack, dodge, and leadership at a higher cost and using an elite slot) or C) Changing their type to jetbike.

They might as well have removed liquifiers from the codex entirely in my opinion.  With the introduction of ossefactors, I'm not sure I'd take them even if they were S4 again, at least not at the increased cost.  Maybe if wracks were all allowed to take them like grotesques are?... still too expensive.

The sad reality here is that our codex could be brought up to a competitive level, even versus the new eldar, with just a few simple changes that would make total sense fluff wise.  As we all know though, unless they have more shiny plastic to sell - GW won't even look at our rules again any time soon.

I'm afraid I've already spent far too long thinking up and sending suggestions that were never read.
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minor tweaks to the codex
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