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 List expansion advice?

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List expansion advice? Empty
PostSubject: List expansion advice?   List expansion advice? I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 15 2015, 18:45

The league I'm in right now is 850pts for regular season, 1400pts for single elimination, I've got a 3pt bonus. I'm enjoying my current list, but not 100% sure how I'll expand to fit the 1403 points. The games have a fairly tight time limit, 1 hour per game at current points, but it'll be a bit better at 1400 with 1 hour 45 minutes.

Most of the 6 games so far have been ~2 game turns, so... strategies I went in with the first night have been amended (WWP Blaster Archon w/ Blasterborn was way too expensive for what they got done, and seems like I've done better starting more on the table).

For practical considerations, models I'm not currently fielding include a Venom, 20ish Wyches, 10 Hellions, 2 more Mandrakes, FC Urien Rakarth, and a Razorwing Jetfighter. I have some SW that I may ally in for the 1400, but that will probably depend on how comfortable I am with what I can do in the 1400. I am open to a few purchases (in particular considering a new squad of Kabalites, so I could fill all the vehicles, since I don't run wyches at all anymore, or a Talos, or possibly a dissie Ravager), but I don't have a lot of time for modeling right now as my wife and I are closing on our first house this Friday.

Current 853 list:

Why it's there/What I do
*Nightfiend and Solarite are in as potential Warlords (though maybe I should switch to a Sybarite, as the Warriors have been very resilient)
*Mandrakes are for harassment/distraction/backfield objectives
*Reavers & Scourges are AV, reserved depending on immediacy of threats
*Venom & Warriors are AI, Raider dissies are for clean-up

The bad
*No anti-air to speak of, but the 2 fliers I've faced have been almost completely neutered by the shortness of the games & the 5x4 tables (though we'll be going standard in single-elimination)
*Flamers & TFC have been devastating
*Almost always give up First Blood
*Often give up Slay the Warlord
*Every game seems to reach a point of wasted AI or wasted AV
*Lots of unfinished kills (even under extreme focus)

The good
*3/0/0 with this list (previous one was 1/2/0)
*Usually get Linebreaker
*Fielding units I like
*Dice have felt hot, which probably means this build is controlling dice flow better than I'm used to

So, thoughts? Input? Purchase recommendations?
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List expansion advice?
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