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 1,250 DE/Harlequins

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PostSubject: 1,250 DE/Harlequins   1,250 DE/Harlequins I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 28 2015, 22:40

Since my last list, which was more generalist and balanced, didn't really receive any responses, I figured my next one should be all-out and unique. I really like the harlequin bikes and ships but the actual clown-fighters don't really interest me, so I'm thinking of grabbing the Falchu's Blade formation and making a shooting-focused, all-vehicle list. I don't actually have the Harlequin models yet so if this idea is a little... pipedreamy... I'd love to know in advance Laughing This is aimed at 1,250 points total.

Harlequin Formation: Falchu's Blade
-3x Voidweavers with Prismatic Cannons
-2x Skyweaver Bikes
-2x Skyweaver Bikes
=440 points

This formation can reroll jink saves from its special rule, as well as use the Mirage Launchers, which give a 4+ invuln save vs shooting for one turn (each of the three units can do this once independently). In theory, this resilience makes it so the opponent can't take all my lance weapons offline on Turn One, so the 'All-in Lances' strategy can't be stopped by just trying to make everything jink. in theory. drunken

Dark Eldar CAD

-Archon, Blaster, Venom with Splinter Cannon
=140 points

-10x Warrior, Blaster, Raider with Dark Lance, Splinter Racks
-5x Warrior, Blaster, Venom with Splinter Cannon
=290 Points

Heavy Support
-Ravager, 3 Dark Lances
-Ravager, 3 Dark Lances
-Ravager, 3 Dark Lances
=375 Points

Total: 1,245 Points

So this list packs 13 Lance weapons tongue and 3 Blasters for armored targets, which is actually a lot for this point level, even though there's no haywire (the skyweaver bikes have a 5-pt haywire option I could easily work in). For volume of fire, there's 4 Splinter Cannons, 10 Shuriken Cannons (3 are rear-facing only however), and of course the twin-linked goodness of the 10-man Raider. Literally 0 close-combat potential here, and a very very low model count, which I don't have experience playing with because my actual army of models that I own right now has 5 Scourges and 10 Wracks. I'm really hoping someone with experience with this all-vehicle style can give me some pointers.

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1,250 DE/Harlequins
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