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 1200 fighting Iyanden

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1200 fighting Iyanden Empty
PostSubject: 1200 fighting Iyanden   1200 fighting Iyanden I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 23 2015, 07:20

I had had a nice maelstrom mission against a friend of mine who wanted to use his Eldar guys. He brought:

- The big generic seer HQ
- the small Iyanden seer
-Five wraith guard in full equipped serpent
-Five wraith guard with flame weapons in full equipped serpent
- Wraith Lord

I had:
- cc Archon with Agoniser and four grotesques in av raider with night Shields
- ravager with shield and lances
- three venom with blaster Kabalite guys
- Mandrake squad of nine
- two units of scourges one with HB the other with HL

The match winner has been the HL scourges that deep struck next to a serpent and managed to do some toast and the mandrake squad. It was hiding until it sneaked forward and finished off the other serpent in close combat. I pressed him into his part of the table and I could conquer nearly as much as I wanted to. Only said part is that my grotesques with my Archon got beat up by the bigger seer guy and five wraith guys without close combat equipment. He has been in cover but his counter fire killed none and nevertheless he managed to win and run me down...
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1200 fighting Iyanden
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