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 Super Space Ninja Clows and theirPsychopathic bros.

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Super Space Ninja Clows and theirPsychopathic bros. Empty
PostSubject: Super Space Ninja Clows and theirPsychopathic bros.   Super Space Ninja Clows and theirPsychopathic bros. I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 14 2015, 00:44

Really been struggling putting a Quin list together (and no I can't let go of this bone.) Like a bunch of folks, I am looking at a viable LD bomb. THe overall plan is to have a couple of screams, at least a single Jester to try to force some shenanigans. Anyhow, first the list then the basic plan.

DE Ally Detachment

Archon w/WWP, Shadow Field, Agonizer, Armor of Misery
20x Kabalites w/2 splinter cannons
Razorwing w/DL and SC
Voidraven (This can stay or go, just like the idea of more than a single flyer)

Masque Detachment

SS ML2 Mask of Secrets

Troupe w/Starweaver 4 kisses and the Rose on the master
Troupe w/Starweaver 5 caresses
Troupe w/4 Embraces and a Powersword on the Master

4x Skyweaver w/HWC and glaive

Voidweaver w/prism canon

So the two seers hop in the Kab blob with the archon. Pretty obvious what this unit dose; drops in with -4 LD on a unit or two, scream, and Veil the blob. Open up some whoop ass in the shooting phase. Its fearless and the ablative wounds are cheap as dirt. Leaves the ICs the ability to jump into a troupe in the later game....whatever seems best.

Each troupe has the ability to target certain units. I like the embrace on one simply for invis units. Caresses drop any AV like its nothing, and MCs fear for their lives. Kisses are pretty similar on the MC front.

The Skyweavers look for blobs/AV.

Voidweaver....why? This thing feels out of place and weird. It just plinks at stuff.

I see the basic game plan of cat and mouse the first few turns, then go big turn three and on. I am not totally game on the voidraven, it can go/change whatever.
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Super Space Ninja Clows and theirPsychopathic bros.
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