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 Venom/Raider conversions

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PostSubject: Venom/Raider conversions   Venom/Raider conversions I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 05 2015, 21:05

Hey all,

So a while ago in another thread I promised to (finally) put up some pictures of the conversions I did for my Venoms, as I use 99% models from the original range.  I have my Kabalites lined up post-matte coat today on my coffee table, so figured I'd grab a shot or two to give an idea of what I did.

Venom/Raider conversions 101

Basically cut the middle section away, leaving the front nose, and back engine (which I attached).  Used the runner-boards to build the back "passenger area".  This one doesn't have the frills of extra spikes or trophies yet, but at least it's WYSIWYG and painted.  You can only see one cannon, but the other is mounted beside it - all of my weapons go underslung at the nose, in an effort to make everything a single-person craft (why should my pilots share the glory with a gunner?).

Venom/Raider conversions 102

Raider - I did some moderate conversion work to make these a single-pilot craft, and changed the wonky tail fin thing into something that I thought was more cool.  Spikes and chains and whatever else adorn most of my vehicles (the rest will get some soon enough) to update the look a bit more and bring them in line (ish?) with the newer range.

Venom/Raider conversions 099

And just because I'm kind of proud of this guy, Archon Khira'lyth, High Lord Archon of the Kabal of the Twilight Wraith.
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PostSubject: Re: Venom/Raider conversions   Venom/Raider conversions I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 06 2015, 21:11

He is death, incarnate

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Venom/Raider conversions
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