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 1,000 pts Scapel Squad list

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1,000 pts Scapel Squad list Empty
PostSubject: 1,000 pts Scapel Squad list   1,000 pts Scapel Squad list I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 03 2015, 15:40

Hey yall, this is my second post here, and I'm really just wondering if there's any glaring flaws or gaps in this list I've put together. I think it's got a good mix of stuff and an interesting playstyle, and most importantly it focuses on the models I find the coolest (wracks and scourges!), so here goes.

Dark Eldar CAD: 710 pts

Haemonculus, Webway portal, Hexrifle
=115 pts

notes: This guy is here to WWP the scourges and get them FNP by the time they come out of reserves. Once they come in and do a round of shooting and assaulting, it's likely I'll break the Haem off the unit so they can fleet around, which is why I went with the hexrifle, so he can do something when he's alone, cuz 36" range is neat!  Wink

Fast Attack:
5x Scourges, 4x Heat Lances, Solarite character w/ Agoniser and Blast Pistol
=160 pts

notes: the goal is to be deadly to pretty much anything in the game with this squad, be it vehicle armor or high toughness or 2+ armor. With fnp 6+ at a minimum by the time they come on the board and 4+ armor, they are... sorta like a deathstar? as far as DE standards lol! basically just WWP in and try to instakill the most important part of the opponents army.

10x Warriors, Raider w/ Lance, Splinter racks
10x Warriors, Raider w/ Lance, Splinter racks
=310 pts

Heavy Support
Ravager, 3x Dark Lances
=125 pts

Scapel Squad Formation: 290 pts

5x Wracks, Ossefactor, Venom, Acothyst character w/ Stinger Pistol
=145 pts

5x Wracks, Ossefactor, Venom, Acothyst character w/ Stinger Pistol
=145 pts

notes: the combination of Ossefactor for AP 2, and 2+ poison on the stinger pistol gives me a good chance of 'First Blood' on any number of units, especially with the huge number of shots the 4 splinter cannons put out. Also, because of the Scapel Squad's unique reserves rules, I can reserve everything else in my army if I choose to do so, so if I know the opponent is gonna focus a particular unit or that I need to keep a particular unit alive till a later turn, I can do that.

So that's it, all comments welcome, thanks for reading!

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1,000 pts Scapel Squad list
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