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 1500 point 7th edition Tourney List

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PostSubject: 1500 point 7th edition Tourney List   1500 point 7th edition Tourney List I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 28 2015, 18:27

OK, so I was working on a list for a local competitive tournament.  Those that know me understand that I play a very movement find the target destroy the target style.  This list can pump out 78 to 108 poison shots per round with 30 to 60 having rerolls (my hopes are not very high that I will get two rounds with all of these shots but with DE spamming seems to be as legit as a two minute sketch on spam that the Monty Python's Flying Circus made so famous back the 70s, in other words my armor is numbers)  I also get 19 lance shots as well as 4 haywire shots per round.  When I used this army versus Grey Knights, the Knights killed two vehicles of mine in the first round and were consummately removed from the table by round 3.  Any ideas on what to use against it?

Archon - Blaster, riding a venom with 2 splintercannons

3 x 5 Trueborn 4 blasters in each squad also each rides a venom with 2 splinter cannons

3 x  10 Kabalites on Raiders with Splinter Racks and Disintegrator Cannon

5 x Scourges with 4 x Haywire Blasters

2 x Ravagers with 3 Dark Lances on each one

You will notice that with the exception of all armor IG or a flyer heavy army, there is not much that can survive the shooting.  I do wonder if I would be better off Deepstriking in, but unless you get the warlord trait of Labyrinthe Cunning you might be only half a DE army and that is not how DE work considering how much firepower you have to mass for perfect annihilation. Any ideas on what someone should bring vs tis army for competitive play?
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1500 point 7th edition Tourney List Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1500 point 7th edition Tourney List   1500 point 7th edition Tourney List I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 03 2015, 21:07

This looks like a scary list to play. You might lack anti air though, maybe adding a razorwing is a good idea?

Kabal of the Forsaken Masquerade
Coven of the Flayed Man
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1500 point 7th edition Tourney List
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