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 Clowns and Pirates

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PostSubject: Clowns and Pirates   Clowns and Pirates I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 28 2015, 07:18

First box I ever bought was the quin one back when they where a two part white dwarf sweetness. With the new dex hitting the deck, I vowed to make it work. My one major complaint is the clunkyness of the masque detachment. The second would be: no avatar? Marionettes? Great seer...where are they? Ok enough nerd rage lets hit the list.

So there is a Realspace raiders detachment of:
Succ with AoM and glaive.
2x Kab five man with a Blaster and dual venom
2x lanced Razorwing
Raider with sails and NS

Ml2 seer with mask
Ml1 seer

Troupe with 6 players and TL (caresses)
Troupe with five (caresses)
Troupe with five (embrace)

2x Starweaver

3x void weaver

ICs join the larger troupe and load up in the raider. The void weaver is something I struggle with. You gotta take them and one seems pretty stupid. Three HW blasts might be worth it. I am open to edits.
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PostSubject: Re: Clowns and Pirates   Clowns and Pirates I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 28 2015, 10:36

why a realspace raiders instead of a combined arms? you are still only using 3 FA in that detatchment, would gaining a few objective secured be better than the first turn cover?

otherwise it looks interesting and i am looking forward to getting my copy to start making a bucket tonne of lists with them Smile
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Clowns and Pirates
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