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 DE Bastion Home Made

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PostSubject: DE Bastion Home Made   DE Bastion Home Made I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 26 2015, 12:41

This is my Dark Eldar Bastion, It is a little skinnier than a normal bastion but same height. I felt a DE building should be more sleek in design. Its not 100% I only need to make 2 more Guns, I just dont have the Bits, they are hard to get bits.

How I made it:

  • Bought a 5.5" Plant wood/cork board base
  • Used Foam Board to cut 7 pieces
  • Lots of hot glue
  • DE Bits (I got tons of these...)
  • Cork Board for more basing.

Yes that is a stream of blood, we like to Torture.

Here is the Album of WIP

DE Bastion Home Made INwWBGM

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DE Bastion Home Made Empty
PostSubject: Re: DE Bastion Home Made   DE Bastion Home Made I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 26 2015, 22:36

looks good. Trying to think what you could do instead of the gun mounts on the side (because i have all those mats except the guns) suppose you could simply leave off the gun and etch on some sort of runes/markings and have a menacing tower.

You could do that for the remainder 2 sides and have no guns there. (would look better with the guns.

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DE Bastion Home Made
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