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 1850 Coven Heavy (With Hexrifle Spam)

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1850 Coven Heavy (With Hexrifle Spam) Empty
PostSubject: 1850 Coven Heavy (With Hexrifle Spam)   1850 Coven Heavy (With Hexrifle Spam) I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 26 2015, 04:06

So the question is, whether or not my list is crazy insane or insane crazy?

I'm a long time Fantasy Player who has no idea what he's doing with 40k, but is bringing a lot of enthusiasm anyway. Originally, I loved the lore about the Glass Plague, so I decided to do a coven featuring Hex Rifles. I also plan to do some bases with shattered people, orks, nids, etc. on them. So, I need some advice as I really have 3 rather separate lists below that I need advice on before I start modeling. Please let me know which option of the 3, and what options you'd change. I will mostly be playing a wide variety, with Orks as my main opponent.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and advice!

Below will first be the list, with some points left over, which would be option A. Then B and C respectively. Let me know which one you like and why, or please feel free to hit me with a different version if you like other options better:

Covenite Coterie Detachment

Haemonculus(Warlord): Scissorhand, Hexrifle
Haemonculus: Hexrifle, WWP

x5 Wracks, Acothyst, Hexrifle
x5 Wracks, Acothyst, Hexrifle
x5 Wracks, Acothyst, Hexrifle
x5 Wracks, Acothyst, Hexrifle
x5 Wracks, Acothyst, Hexrifle

Cronos, Spirit Siphon

Formation- Grotesquerie

Haemonculus- Scissorhand
x4 Grotesque- 1 Aberration w/ Scissorhand in a Raider w/Enhance Aethersails
x4 Grotesques- 1 Aberration w/ Scissorhand in a Raider w/Enhanced Aethersails

Combined Arms Detachment-
Haemonculus: Scissorhand
x5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/ x2 Splinter Cannon
x5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/ x2 Splinter Cannon
x5 Kabalite Warriors: Venom w/ x2 Splinter Cannon
x5 Scourges w/x4 Heat Lances
x5 Scourges w/x4 Haywire Blasters

A) Above list, 15pts left for Armour of Misery on the CAD Haemon, or
Sump on Warlord and Parasite's kiss on CAD Haemon. I'd like to put Sump on the Warlord so I have the option of Putting him with the other Grots in case they get fleet (and their transport gets shot down). Where he goes can then be based on Warlord traits for the Coven.


B) Delete Raiders on Grots, use points plus remaining for WWP's on all Haemon's, Sump on Warlord, and Animus Vitae on CAD Haemon. This could be fun, and I could then change the 2nd Scourges to have x4 Heat Lances and teleport both where I want them. I'm afraid not having the grots barreling towards people though will make them shoot my Venoms down immediately.


C) Drop WWP Off 2nd Haemon, get Sump on Warlord, Get extra Hexrifle on CAD Haemon. Use remaining points on either x4 Scissorhands/Fleshgauntlets for Wracks, or get x2 Ossifactors for wracks. If I did this option, I think I'd want to take the heat lances off the 1st Scourges and give both haywires. This would mean I could either buy some Scissorhands to attempt to pop stuff with all my little wrack buddies, or get some Ossifactors for shooting fun. Also, I would like to be able to put another Hex Rifle on another Haemon so if my warlord displaces one with the grots, he can go in the back with the wracks and huddle around the Cronos with them.

General thoughts are: I'm taking the cronos so I can huddle the wracks around it, then slowly march up the field or take pot shots depending on terrain and opponent. I'm hoping the weight of hexrifles will eventually take down a character with 6's, or at the least, make them nervous enough to change their plans. The other thing is that I'm using the Coven Warlord table, so while I get a re-roll, I'm trying to make my warlord and list flexible so I can put him where he needs to go depending on the roll. If he gets Master Artisan(Cronos rerolls 1's on FNP), he goes by the Cronos and helps pot shot with the Wracks, Master Regenist (Unit has IWND) and he goes with grots, Master symphoneus probably synergizes best with list B (add or subtract 1 to Reserve rolls). Master Epicurean(D3 VP for him dying to AP1, 2, or ID), would also probably synergize best with B, as I could send him to the opponent's unit that's most likely to kill him. Master Apotheosis (4+ FNP on Unit), seems wasted on the wracks since they can huddle around the Cronos, but then him and a wrack unit could move off by themselves, or if it dies.

Sorry for the wall of text, but thanks again for reading!
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1850 Coven Heavy (With Hexrifle Spam)
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