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PostSubject: 1350 ReaverStar   1350 ReaverStar I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 23 2015, 21:05

Last week we had a cool tournament called Dice Crusher in Toruń/Poland. You play a game using your opponents army and then you play with yours against his. The time limit is 3.5h per both battles, so you have to be fast.

I took the list below and it performed nicely, however it seemed my opponents could use it better than me - much more aggressively.

Army: CAD Eldar + Allied Dark Eldar

Detachment1: CAD Eldar
HQ1: Farseer, Jetbike, Shard of Anaris, Runes of warding, Signing Spear [170] (WARLORD)
HQ2: Farseer, Jetbike, Spirit stone of Anath'lan, Runes of witnessing, Signing Spear [150]

Troop 1: Windrider Jetbike Squad [51]
Troop 2: Windrider Jetbike Squad [51]

Detachment2: Allied Dark Eldar
HQ1: Urien Rakarth [140]

Elite1: Grotesques x 4, Transport 1 [140]

Troop 1: Kabalite Warriors x 5, Sybarite, Haywire Grenades, Transport 3 [55]

FA1: 12 x Reavers, Arena Champion, Agoniser, 4x Cluster caltrops, 2x Heat Lance, 2x Blaster [327]

Heavy1: Cronos, Spirit Probe [125]

Transport 1: Raider, Night Shields, Enhanced Aestherials, Elite1 [75]
Transport 2: Venom, Splinter Cannon, Troop 1 [65]

KP: 11
Total: [1349]

You roll telepathy for Invisibility and shrouding and with the last dice on Anath'lan Farseer you take summoning. Then you turbo-boost bikes behind your opponents army, or to a flank, turbo-boost Urien with Grots in front of it while Cronos runs forward. If you don't get Invisibility, you can send Urien, Grots and Cronos to give enemy something to do while you summon some units and go after mission objectives after Grots give last breath. Invisibilty helps to position the Caltrops well. Late game you can move Farseers to Grots if bikes get worn down too much.

Bikes totally moped O'vesa-star Tau and Pask-psychic-heavy-blob-wyvern IG.
Fastest post-Baron deathstar on the market. For bigger points you can use Dark Artisan with WWP to deliver Cronos directly near the Bikes.

ps. I won a local tournament today with it. Outsmarted Tyranids, pummeled Serpents and circumvented CenturionStar (w/o invisibilty!).
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