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 Harlequins: New vs Old

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PostSubject: Harlequins: New vs Old   Harlequins: New vs Old I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 15 2015, 22:15

So let me just start off by saying that all of the leaks and new releases have me super excited for the release, I am going to have a lot of fun with them and my De/Coven/Harlequin army will really be in a stage I want it to be.

I've seen the "leaks" on formation and basically the whole dex, with that in mind and with a minor grain of salt:

Do you think that harlequins were stronger in 2nd edition with the original dex or now?

Not that it really matters I am just curious as to know the opinion of the senior players who were actually able to play in 2nd edition, I started in 3rd so I have no experience with it. Clearly fear bombing is something they are pushing the De and quins in with all of our leadership modifiers and stuff and that seems really cool to me. The shadowseers seem awesome and I will have a hard time not runnin 3 of them in a list with their new powers and such, also the death jesters ability looks awesome. If you haven't seen it an italian version of the dex was released, I'm sure it's on the forum someqhere.

But I was doing something thinking, De have a -2 ld in our arcane stuff, Harlequins have a -2ld in their library, I think runes of battle have a -3ld that the eldar can get, the death jester can cause a -2 ld modifier on successfull wounds and anything within 6" of a coven formation gets -1 to their leadership this combined is -10 ld. Obviously its detachments but the rulebook states that and stat reduced to 0 removes the model from play.This makes me come to think that we can fear anything off of the board. Not saying it is competetive but it is super cool. although the -ld is a huge buff towards FMC and such like that with the shadowseer psudo psychic shriek we can do some really fun things. So senior players let me know your opinion.

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Harlequins: New vs Old
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