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 Finally! A tournament!

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Finally! A tournament! Empty
PostSubject: Finally! A tournament!   Finally! A tournament! I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 13 2015, 22:17

So, comming up this sunday, I'm hosting a local tournament. We'll be 18 players playing three games, and the only restrictions are a maximum of one Primary Detachment type (CAD, codex/supplement detachment), but unlimited on Allies, Formations and such.

I will be bringing this list:
Quote :
Dark Eldar: Combined Arms Detachment
HQ1: Succubus m. archite glaive, haywire grenades, The Parasite's Kiss (105)
T1: 5 Kabalite Warriors m. blaster (55), i Transport1
T2: 5 Kabalite Warriors m. blaster (55), i Transport2
T3: 5 Kabalite Warriors m. blaster (55), i Transport3
T4: 5 Kabalite Warriors m. blaster (55), i Transport4
Elites1: 4 Grotesques m. Aberration upgrade (150), i Transport5
FA1: Razorwing Jetfighter m. dark lances(140)
FA2: 5 Scourges m. 4 haywire blasters (120)
FA3: Venom m. splinter cannon (65)
Heavy1: Ravager m. 3 dark lances (125)
Heavy2: Ravager m. 3 dark lances (125)
Heavy3: Ravager m. 3 dark lances (125)
Transport1: Venom m. splinter cannon (65)
Transport2: Venom m. splinter cannon (65)
Transport3: Venom m. splinter cannon (65)
Transport4: Venom m. splinter cannon (65)
Transport5: Raider m. dark lances, enhanced aethersails (65)

It's a fairly standard list, but I haven't played DE for too long, and I feel I'm finally getting a knack for it.

Among the opposition there will be 4 Tau and 4 Eldar lists, looking more or less the same, and 3 CSM/Daemons lists with lots of flame-spewing Walkers.

I'm not too worried with the Tau. Most go down to mass poison, and I have range on them. The Eldar is a major pain, though. Obviously not so much the wraithknights, but the waveserpents usually eat at me really fast. Any suggestions to deal with these buggers? I'm sure most of you have some experience with them. One may go down to Grots, but I doubt I'll be allowed to do it twice, and they all bring at least 3.
There will also be a Tyranid player with 6 flyers. He will likely trash me, but I'm hoping to clear the ground before I die, should I meet him. I'm open to suggestions here too Smile

Lists went public today, so there'll be making no changes, so any advice would have to be of tactical value (or for the future Smile )
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Finally! A tournament!
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