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 1250 tournament list

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PostSubject: 1250 tournament list   1250 tournament list I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 26 2015, 16:12

After getting some good advice in my last topic I've decided to find a way to incorporate elements in my list which I like as far as models go. Most of my regular opponents won't field hard lists and my upcoming tournament has a two fliers limit as well as no Super Heavies allowed.

1250 points is a really difficult point total. You can't properly have a good shooting list while still have a combat presence. Most formations also take up to much points to really shine.

My list as now as follows:

Archon - Blaster 75

2x5 Warriors in Venoms double cannons 210

5 Warriors in a Raider lance 100

5 Warriors in a Raider blaster and lance 115

1 Razorwing Jetfighter lances 140

4 Reavers caltrops 79

5 Scourges haywire blasters 120

2xRavagers lances 250

1 Voidraven Bomber 160


This list gives me a variety of models which I like, enough AT, some infantry elements. I know its not the most competitive list but could this work? And how would you scale such a list to 1500 or 1850?
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1250 tournament list
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